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South of Hell

So yesterday after I dropped of BabyAm for her 2 English Finals, I decided to go to the Youth Ranch to see if they had any books by one of my favorite authors.   They did, however the two they had were ones I had already read, and own.   So reluctantly I took a little detour home, and stopped by a local bookstore to see if they had one I hadn’t read.  


Only one though, South of Hell, a new one that came out on July 29th.   I’m not too far behind!  Yeah!  

So I brought it home and didn’t get a chance to start it until later in the afternoon.   I wish I could tell you about what time, I would have to say around 4ish though.

I couldn’t put it down.   Seriously.   We ran a couple errands, got dinner and came home, which was about 7:45 I guess.   (We came home to a wonderful smell…)  After dinner while BabyAm and Hubby played Resident Evil 4, (losers) because some sucker bought it (me)…I read…and read, and read.   When it was finally time to go to bed (I have no idea what time that was)…I had about 40 more pages left…I couldn’t sleep now!  I absolutely HAD to finish it!

At 2:30 am, I was officially finished.   I am a slow reader, but I don’t care.   Even though I can’t seem to get through Book Club Books very easily, I can sure set my mind on finishing these.  

I sent an email to a used bookstore in town to see if they had any of the 4 that I haven’t read.  I can’t wait to hear back!  Maybe I’ll make some calls today…I think I need another FIX!

If you’re interested at all, you can click on the picture above and read an excerpt.


  1. I used to be a huge book lover. I mean huge. But ever since I gave birth… um. Things changed. I sure would like to start reading again. I miss it. It’s a great escape. Maybe some day when the kids start to act less like monkeys and more like people.

  2. Dear “Someone’s Mother” —
    Thank you so much for the kind post about our book “South of Hell.” The best words an author can hear are “I couldn’t put it down.” Hope you enjoy the others as well. And thanks for linking to our website and the excerpt!

    P.J. Parrish


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