Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | August 22, 2008

The Petting Zoo

No, not my life – though sometimes it does feel like someone has fenced me in, and I am surrounded by a bunch of 2 and 3 year olds…Just kidding!  Ok, I’m not.

Anyway, tonight was such a BEAUTIFUL evening we (Freckles, BabyAm, Hubby and Me) all went to the “County Fair” – Sounds all Blue Ribbon, but it’s not.  It’s not anything like Disneyland, and it’s nothing like some hole in the wall chili cookoff, hot dog eating contest, cake walk type either.   I would say it’s in between.

We go for the food (my favorite part)…and of course my second favorite…The Petting Zoo.   To be quite honest, I never went in the Petting Zoo that I can remember…until last year.  My mom might tell you different, but I do not remember ever going in, or wanting to for that matter.   Weird that it can be such a treat for me…to let weird animals lick grain off of my hand.   I just love it!

Here’s some pictures.   Not of us eating, because we really ate ALOT.  But of my new friends.

This is a Longhorn.  He has a very light touch…

and a Watusi, I have no idea what that is though,
but his horns are HUGE!

Hubby got one of all of us feeding the Sheep!
You’d think they hadn’t eaten all day…

This is one BIG cow!   We got to brush her, she was sweet!
And believe it or not…NOT hungry!

And I’m telling you, I was the ONLY brave one in our bunch…

But because I did such a SUPER job, I got one of these…

Great family time, SERIOUSLY.

I wish we could have taken pictures of everything we did tonight to share with you…not that any of it was a big deal, but it really was nice just hangin out, being stupid, eating like pigs and people watching.   All of us were surprised (ok, not so much) at all the very interesting ways people were dressed.  None of them must have mirrors in their homes.  🙂


  1. Hey Step-Mom!!!!! Freckles here!!! Just dropping in to say hi! Lol i miss you guys ssssssssssooooooooo much! i wish i didnt have to leave =( well im off to bed now.School starts tommrow *sigh*


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