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HP Sucks – Still

So tonight, at just after 10pm MST someone from Hewlett Packard ( searched for “hp blog” and visited my blog.   VERY NICE OF THEM.  Thank you, please come again soon…

it’s kind of exciting because I’ve been getting tons and tons of hits, just by Hubby’s guest blog about how HP SUCKS.   Keeping in mind that it’s not the products as much as it is their complete lack of customer service.

Anyway…I would like to know why whoever visited, didn’t stick around.  I’d also like to know why they didn’t comment.  Why they didn’t offer to help, or make things right.  Because they know they suck maybe?

Besides our Boycotting HP products from now on, (Hubby’s helped 3 people in the last week purchase new DELL LAPTOPS-GO DELL!) Hubby did write a letter to the CEO, cc’d the Executive Customer Relations, and also a letter to JD Power and Associates.   As of today, we have only heard back from JD Power.  However it was a form letter, and it had in the middle of it how they were sorry to hear we were not satisfied with automobile or automobile dealer.  

YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!   That would be another great example of superior customer service.   Hubby was complaining about the repair and customer service on a LAPTOP.   What is this world coming to?

I am sure we will NOT hear from HP.  And they have 2 days left to reply to our Better Business Bureau complaint.   Which you would think that if a company cared about their reputation, they would have replied much sooner.   We filed the complaint 20 days ago.  

So, if you’ve made it this far because you’ve searched for “HP SUCKS”, “HP BLOG” or something along those lines, please please stay long enough to comment.   Whether you are a consumer, or an employee.   We would love to hear from you.

HP does infact SUCK.  We are happy to spread the word.   I have approximately 20 vistors a day, and it’s growing.   With 4700 vistors since January 1st, 2008.  

Because if you like a product you tell ten of your friends.  If you hate a product you tell everyone!   Next week I will be featuring DELL as my WOM Monday!


  1. Sorry that your issues are still unresolved with them. And I hate form letters.

  2. We read another blog about terrible customer service with HP. They gave the Boobie Prize for poor service to HP.

    My husband and I looked at buying an HP copier at Staples. We are buying a Canon instead.

  3. I gave up on HP…run fast and run far! If you want to see my story just google hp customer service…I’m willing to pay for those ads so people know just how bad HP’s “service” really is.

  4. Maybe Mark Hurd should send in a broken notebook under a fake name and go through the experience himself!

  5. HP is no doubt the world’s worst on service. Couldn’t correct pc printer over the phone after approx. 1 1/2 hrs. Phone connection kept breaking up, I can’t speak Indian. Can’t reach anyone to get my VISA charge reversed. Waited on phone for 2 hrs. & gave up. Five (5) stars rated – negative that is. I can’t find the words to express my disgust.

  6. I recently sent my hp laptop in to get the motherboard repaired, and I got it back 2 weeks later (witch is not horrible) but the screen was cracked, and after sending it back to get it fixed they told me it will cost about $1000 even though they broke it.

    So I too recommend that you Do Not buy a HP computer.

  7. Long ago I was once an HP fan…recently this all changed. In the past I purchasd 2 HP notebook computers and had very few problems with them so I fugured the 3rd notebook I bought from HP couldn’t go wrong.

    WRONG! In July I purchased an HP Pavilion dv9000 notebook. Three weeks ago it started freezing after being on for 5 minutes. When I contacted customer support they determined the hard drive failed and sent me a replacement…but if I don’t send the old one back within 10 days they charge me for the replacement!

    Replacement hard drive is blank and I’m told to make recovery disks using the current computer that freezes every 5 minutes!

    Once I finally made the disks and restored the new hard drive, it crashed the next day! After 2 more hours on the phone with 3 different people in India I kept being referred to the support website for help. Apparently they didn’t understand my computer doesn’t work.

    Finally they relented to sending me factory recovery disks for free since the computer is under warranty. They’ll be arriving in the mail in TWO WEEKS!

    I absolutely agree… DO NOT BUY AN HP COMPUTER! Their service is apalling and this will definitely be the last one I buy.

  8. I’ve had several dells sold them as quick as possible they never seem to be compatible with anything I use.H.P. is terrible at tech I have a couple even got the 3 year warranty whatever that is. takes 2 hours to solve any problem.and of course vista always crashes.This is just the pc companies trying to get more money for nothing I’ve been working on to many new systems somone sold to a little old lady or tech challenged person because they sold them vista without the proper amount of ram to run it. one lady only had 700+mb of ram should have had at least 1 Gig.

  9. Oh yeah convinced third party or mac is better.

  10. Totally understand how you feel. Check out my nightmare with HP at
    If this is how they treat people who are under warranty and are technically alert, I wonder how much of bull they will give to the rest.

  11. I have to completelly agree with everyone ” HP TOTALLY SUCKS” the worst computer and I really hope they go out of business sooner then later.
    Their customer service is horrible! Foret about responces!


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