Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | August 25, 2008

Steaming Hot – WOM Monday!

I know that my friend Kelly is having a couple HTML issues with her blog (if anyone can help her, please shoot her a note), anyway she has been doing a Word of Mouth Carnival on Mondays, so I’m just doing my part to try to remember keep up with her idea (cuz it’s a great one).

Here goes, it’s a short one…cuz it’s making me hungry already, just thinkin about the post!  I just got these about 2 weeks ago.  I have a boat-load of rice that needs used made (seriously) and we need to eat some good veggies.  Hubby won’t eat broccoli if it’s too soft, so I don’t make it.   And they both made what I was cooking, PERFECTLY. 

Pampered Chef Rice Cooker Plus
Perfect rice every time-right in your microwave! Unique double-lid design prevents boil over so your microwave stays clean. Perfect for a quick stir-fry or to put a fresh spin on leftovers! Our exclusive color will not stain. 3-quart capacity. Dishwasher safe.


Pampered Chef Large Micro Cooker
Customized for microwave cooking — melt butter, heat soups or cook vegetables. Vented lid doubles as strainer. Includes built-in pour spouts. Dual handles; 2-quart capacity.

If you have either of these products and have good recipes…please tell me!   I’m so excited to use them again!


  1. OK, now that stuff looks pretty cool!

  2. I have the Micro cooker and it ROCKS! I have done the veggies in it, I have melted caramel, chocolate morsels and have heated up all sorts of stuff in there. Can you add a link to your Pampered Chef distributor? 😉

    Thanks for participating in WOM…it is a slow process, but it will get big. Lord knows all sorts of review blogs are popping up left and right. Although mine will always stay true and unmotivated by the mighty dollar…unless it is like eleventy hundred dollars!

  3. I can’t put her link on here (per Pampered Chef rules) but I’ll email it to you…and anyone who wants it! 🙂

    And I love WOM, I’m just not always on the ball…age, I’ll blame age.


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