Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | August 26, 2008

Where did you come from?

Awhile back I posted a couple places that people have stopped in to visit from…but I wanted to give you all a rundown again.  It’s so amazing to me that people all over the world have found me.  

When building a website for a client, Hubby always tells them it takes about 8 months for people to find them and, to be honest, even though I’ve blogged a little longer than that—8 months is how long I have been blogging regularly!  Companies (and I am sure bloggers too) think that because they have built a website, that tomorrow people will start finding them left and right.   It’s just not so.  It takes some time my friends.

I’ve never been out of the US, so it’s very interesting to me!

In the last couple weeks, I’ve had visitors from:  (Besides my new bloggin friend from Chile)

  • Barcelona, Cataluna Spain
  • Meerbusch, Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany
  • Australia, Sydney, New South Wales
  • Australia, Cessnock, New South Wales
  • United Kingdom, Derby
  • United Kingdom, Preston, Lancashire
  • United Kingdom, Peterborough
  • United Kingdom, London, City of London
  • United Kingdom, Birmingham
  • Japan, Tokyo
  • Spain, Barcelona, Cataluna
  • Germany, Meerbusch, Nordrhein-Westfalen
  • Netherlands Ede, Geiderland
  • Poland, Warsaw, Warszawa
  • Slovenia, Ljubljana, Bohinj
  • Argentina, Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal
  • Canada, Toronto, Ontario
  • Brazil
  • Korea

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  1. Oh that’s too cool. That’s quite the variety you got there!


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