Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | August 29, 2008

Oh no, he didn’t!

BabyAm is officially a Resident Evil 4 addict now, just like her dad (he got her hooked)…what is up with them?  When Freckles was here this last time, Dad got him playin too…he was wandering around killing everything he could aim at…but for BabyAm, it’s all about the amount of AMMO that she can find/earn etc. 

Now her gun case is so full of stuff she’s got to leave some of it behind.   *sigh*  What’s a girl to do?  Hand Grenades are a necessity, aren’t they?

Well, I suppose they are getting out some aggression, and having some GREAT family time.   And I’m not complaining because I just finished another book.


  1. *dances* I have AMMO!! I killed the woman with the cleaver! I got the trip wire!! I killed a chicken! I got a golden egg!! I killed the not-so-small-was-trying-to-kill-me fishy!! I made it to level 2-1 !!

    *coughs* ahem, mama
    I am NOT an addict like dad, sorry to say. I just have to rescue “little miss prissy princess” *rolls eyes* so I can get my loot LOL

  2. Nice… lol You just dont know it yet babyam but i am prety good at it also *rolls eyes* and im taller! =] lolz

  3. and im on level 1-1 after dad(hubby) beat the game and i copyed cough cough i mean i beat the game just like him on the second round throug so ha! lolz talk to u later serenity now! off to bed *yawn*


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