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WOM Monday – Dude, Buy a DELL! (Guest Blog)

Alright my friends, I told you that for this week’s WOM Monday I would post about how wonderful DELL is, because HP Sucks.   Well here it is, compliments of Hubby!   I didn’t proof it, because I wanted to get it posted (age is making me forgetful) sooner. 

Thanks for having me again…So, now that I’ve spent all of this time talking about how much HP Sucks, I have to give kudos to Dell…


Sure, there are those of you who will say…  Dell?  DELL??  What the heck?  How could you say that Dell has excellent customer service.  Well…  Here goes.


I too, as with many others have been stuck in the infinite loop of India customer service with Dell, BUT (there is always a but).  I have never come away shaking my head wondering why I just hung up the phone after 3 hours and have no resolve (I’ve never had to spend 3 hours on the phone with Dell either).  I have never come away pissed off.  I have always had an acceptable and quick resolution.  This goes from typical (India) tech support all the way up to Gold support.


In the last 4 years, I have purchased for my clients and family some $300,000 worth of Dell products.  This is a pretty hefty number for a small business like min, yet still a relatively small number for a large company like Dell.


Why do I buy Dell, and almost always ONLY Dell for my clients?  Because I can be assured that when there is a failure (I did say WHEN and not IF, because I know that there will be failures), the problem will be resolved.  This goes from the low end laptop to the high end server and everything in between (printers, monitors etc…).  I have had, out of 60+ in the field 8 printers fail.  I have also had 8 replacement printers delivered the NEXT DAY.  I have had 3 hard drive failures in server (RAID drives) and in every case, I have had the replacement drive the next day.  In one such case, I was on the phone with GOLD support at 5:30 mountain time and had the replacement drive in hand by DHL the next morning by 10 am.  I have had motherboard failures in servers and notebooks alike and had the replacements with a technician in tow the next day.  Monitor failures, the next day, notebook keyboard failure, next day.  Never ONCE have I had to send a machine in to Dell for repair like I have with HP.  Never once have I had to give a credit card number and be threatened with huge charges if I don’t send back the replacement part like I have with HP…  Never once have I had the kind of issues with Dell like I have with HP.


This, my friends is why I say Buy Dell.  I tell this to my family, my friends, and most importantly, my clients.  I can NOT say that the products (especially in the low to mid range) that Dell makes are any better or worse than the products that  HP, Gateway, Toshiba etc. make.  I CAN, however, be confident that if any problem arises, Dell will fix it.  They will take my word as the CUSTOMER for it that my problem is real.  They will troubleshoot to the best of their ability over the phone.  They will listen to what I have to say.  This, like I said, is from the GOLD support on down.  Most importantly, they FIX THE PROBLEM!  It the repair is an invasive repair; they give me, the customer the option of installing the replacement hardware myself or offer to send a tech with the product.


So…With all that said, Buy DELL.  If you have to call customer service and get India, be patient with them as they really want to solve the problem.  Use their on line chat when you can for support (that way you don’t have to get frustrated with the language barrier).  Explain your problem and how it is affecting you or your business.  They will make it right.  If you have a little extra to spend when you buy your product and are buying a higher end device, buy the Gold support, they are fabulous!


Buy Dell!

Now that you are done reading this post, head on over to Kelly’s for this weeks WOM Monday!   And consider posting your own WOM Monday Carnival post…it’s nice to see what products everyone else likes!  🙂  Go, hurry…now!  (***Kelly, “if you build it, they will come”…eventually…LOL)


  1. Ok… So here’s a Dell story, just happened over the last couple of weeks.

    Ordered a brand new XPS Notebook, ($1900 bucks.) My client had it for a couple weeks and really was not a fan (only because he thought he wanted a really small notebook and realized that it was too just too small for him.)

    After two weeks, we had a hard drive failure on the machine. I called Dell. Within 5 minutes of being on the phone (after holding for about 3 minutes, yes only THREE minutes) I was given 4 choices by them.

    1. We will send a new hard drive out to you by fedex express that you can replace on your own and have it there the next day.

    2. We will send a new hard drive out with a technician who will install the hard drive and restore the operating system for you (48 hours or less).

    3. Since the notebook is so new, we will send you a new notebook (this may take a couple weeks to get) then when you get it, you can send the defective unit back to us.

    4. You can send the unit back for a full refund and decide what you want to do from there.

    Since my client was not in love with the machine because of it’s size, we elected option 4 (return for refund.). Dell sent UPS to my office to pick up the laptop with a shipping label, called me TWICE to verify that it was picked up and also to verify that they had recieved it.

    My first call to Dell was Monday morning at about 10 AM. By today, Thursday at 6:00 am, I had an email in my in box from Dell acknowledging reciept of the notebook and letting me know that the refund had been applied to my account (which it has).

    As per the above post…. We all know that problems happen from time to time, it is all in how the company handles them.

    Go Dell!


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