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10 Days Goes By Fast!

Been pretty quiet in the blog-o-sphere the past 10 days I know.  Sorry ’bout that.  I’ve been working on a couple posts and thinking about others, so there should be several (over the weekend) following this one.    I just have had so many other things going on, I’ve not taken time to blog…and I’ve noticed my head is full because of it.  LOL

I’m always full of somethin.  I’ll start by going backward to catch you up, I heard that helps you remember better when you’re old.

Anyway, during this time of non-existant blogging BabyAm’s managed to catch a bug of some sort, so she’s not been feeling well, on top of the pollen count being out of control here.  Which doesn’t help her non-existant allergies called Vasomotor Rhinitis.  I came across a lady named TaterTot who has a great post about it.  That explains why she’s extra miserable with the bug.  

We were supposed to have my Penguin In-Laws come this week as well, but unfortunately since the little girl is sick it’s just not the smartest thing to expose company to germs.   We are thankful that they understood and are going to come in October…which is fun for me, because by then we will have Halloween Decorations up (listen to me) because that is my very favorite holiday to decorate for!   They’ll really know what a freak I am then…hummm, maybe I’d better rethink that…Nahhhh!  I think they already know.

But as I was preparing for their arrival, I was trying desperately to get all my chores done, like the dreaded laundry…so I recruited some help.  Humphrey Bogart.  This is a picture of my every single day “laundry helper”.   He can be anywhere in the house, but when he hears the dryer door open…he is RIGHT next to me, peekin in, trying to steal things.  

My Mom had her 60th Birthday this week, so last Sunday we surprised her and had a little party for her at a local Black Light/Glow in the Dark/3D Miniature Golf spot.  Big props and thanks to my friend Psymon (pronounced Simon) for the idea and the name of the place!   We really had a blast!  Practically had the place to ourselves!   If you want to see pictures (go on, they’re cool) click here!  Here’s one picture, just to get your curiousity up!

We really had a good time, and I highly recommend it.  BabyAm said that it would be a great first date…she’s probably right.   With the party package, Mom got a T-shirt, we all got glow necklaces, we had a party room for 2 hours, 2 extra large pizza’s from a local pizza joint and a hostess.  Worth every penny.

In my last post about A Favorite, besides yummy homemade tortillias, I also mentioned my ex-husband coming for dinner.   Dinner went well and afterward BabyAm got to introduce him to the world of Wii.  First they boxed a couple rounds, and afterward she showed him how to violently kill people take out his anger playing Resident Evil 4.   I think it helped him escape his own head for awhile and just have some fun.  Here’s a couple pictures.  Please do NOT hold my messy living room against me.  I can’t believe I’m posting these!

And before I forget, when Freckles was here this last time, I finally managed to get a picture of him sharing a cup of tea with me.   He’s such a cutie.  Here he is drinking out of his Great Grandma B’s china.   Don’t you just want to scoop him up and eat him for dessert?  Just kiddin Freckles…I wouldn’t do that. 

For now, I guess it’s time for me to get off my lazy butt and get some chores done.  Especially if I want to go out with the girls tonight.   We’re going to paint the town red!  Just kidding, maybe just put the checkbook in the red…it’s a Pampered Chef party.   I’ll be back, and that is a threat!

PS..Please take a second, and go wish Headless Mom well, she (unintentionally) tried to chop her foot off, as if being Headless wasn’t enough, but footless too?…Poor thing! 


  1. Aaw, thanks! I seem to be on the mend-I’m even getting some chores done! Although doing dishes doesn’t quite hold the same alure that it did a few days ago. Hmmm, wonder why?

  2. I feel like I haven’t talked to you in forever! I love the pics of your “messy” room, is the dog the mess or the sweatshirt on the couch, good Lord don’t come a knockin’ at my door unannounced!

    Word Of Mouth Monday is up (a miracle, I know)!



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