Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | September 16, 2008

Too old to drive maybe?

This was an 83 year old woman who accidentally pushed the gas instead of the brake, yesterday into one of Hubby’s clients stores in Colorado…I have to wonder if there should be rules against driving when you’re old?  But then how old is too old? 

She might have just been upset that this location
did not have drive-thru cell phone service. 
It’s a Connect Wireless (AT&T) Store!


  1. When we used to live in FL, we had a scene like this appear in the news at least once a week, sometimes twice. yeah, and what is the magic age? Some 80 year olds are perfectly capable and yet can drive better than some 60 year olds. It’s hard to say. I think about this kind of thing alot with my parents creeping up there. Scary. I feel bad for them when they make a mistake of this proportion.

  2. I think that something that should DEFINITELY should change (but the AARP is so powerful that it’s highly unlikely) is that at 60, you should be tested by the DMV EVERY YEAR. I just can’t believe that a 70 year old person can have his/her DL renewed automatically for 10 years! At least that’s how it is here in FL. Maybe some other states are smarter about it. *Personal sentence removed*
    Piece O’ Coconut


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