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You deserve an award!

Truth be told, I don’t have too many blogger friends out there that haven’t already received this award, so  be a little shy on the rules to passing on this award.  I hope you can all understand, and if you haven’t gotten it yet, and want it…let me know I’ll add your name to my faithful list and you too can be a Kick A$$ blogger!

So back on August 13th, sweet Kelly bestowed on me this awesome award!  Finally on the 16th, I got around to accepting it, and posting about it.  (I must have been out of my mind that week.  So, what’s new?  I know!)  Now I must suck it up, and pass it on, so others can feel the LOVE!

Here it is:

You deserve an award!  (please friends, don’t be offended by the language, I swear, it’s a compliment!)

Marlee at Running from Martha – Marlee is really my first real blogger buddy.  We have both done some serious scrambling to cover our tracks (in a past life-lol), with a little internet ooops.  She has the spunk I only wish I had a portion of.   And her kids…hysterical little critters I’m telling you!   I also love her for keeping her comments turned off.  She blogs only for herself, we just get the benefit of having it shared with us.

Leslie at Got Kids, Need Valium – She makes me laugh every single day.   And somedays I really need a good laugh.  I enjoy seeing her smiling cuties and hearing about her wild adventures in new surroundings.   And if I could send her some MILK, I would in a heartbeat!  Not only does she have this overwhelming positive outlook on being in a strange country essentially alone, but she also blesses me with learning how to “go with the flow” and enjoy it.

Mrs. Potts at Confessions of a Tea Snob – Ah, a personal friend.  This woman blesses me with her friendship, in addition to her love of TEA!   She has taught me so much about having a passion for something and making sure it’s “just right”.   I haven’t had something like that in my life for a long time.   I love that she blogs when she want, not because she has to.   She is also why I stopped worring about blogging because I committed to it, and decided that I should do it because I enjoy it! 

McMommy at The McMommy Chronicles – I am sure this woman has already received this award, but not from me…so I’m offering it up again to her.  She’s so dang funny!  She says some stuff that I think, but don’t often think to say.   I love that.   She always has something fun going on at her place, and always has a smile, or a laugh waiting for me, and she probably doesn’t even know it!

See, I couldn’t do “5”….but if Kelly didn’t already pass it on to Headless Mom, I’d have my last one! 

Here are the rules:

  • Award 5 bloggers! (this is TRULY the hardest part)
  • Let ’em know in your post or via email, twitter or blog comments that they’ve received an award
  • Share the love and link back to both the person who awarded you and back to Mamma Dawg
  • Hop on back to the Kick Ass Blogger Club HQ to sign Mr. Linky then pass it on

Additionally, you can either right click and “save target as” above on the picture, to get the award pic, or you can go to the above link of Mama Dawg’s and get the code.  🙂  Holler if you have problems!

Please don’t let the rules slow you down like they did me…it is so much fun to keep the Love Flowin!


  1. Thanks anyway!

  2. Thank you Steph! You made my day!! I will wear it with pride!


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