Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | September 18, 2008

What have I done?

I am not much on begging for nominations, or awards around the blog-o-sphere, but I’ll take them if I’m offered, and today this wonderful opportunity landed in my lap!   See yesterday I gave, and today I received.  Wonderful how that works!  

Happy Hour Sue and McMommy decided that since neither of them (and many many more bloggers) did not make the Hottest Blogger Calendar, that they were going to create their OWN calendar.   The Not Quite Hot Enough Calendar.  I soooo can win that contest.   (*insert uncontrollable laughter here*)

Fact is, everyone really wins.   So I entered .   Brilliant idea they had if I may say so myself.   Best part is, NONE of you need to vote for me!  I did it for you (ok the random generator will do it)! 

Go check out all the beautiful bloggers who didn’t make the cut.   Enter yourselves…come on, live a little, be brave, enjoy life, come out of your shell….you know who you are!   Join me, won’t you?  Don’t leave me hangin!  And when you’re done, you can come back and click here to see me, in all my glory!

Thanks Happy Hour Sue and McMommy!


  1. Good for you! that sit is cracking me up!

  2. yay! love it- you look awesome- all women should do it!!! Good for you!


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