Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | September 23, 2008


Halloween, I can NOT wait!   It’s coming!  I think it’s my most favorite Holiday to decorate for!   Partially because my BabyAm is not a baby anymore and I don’t have to decorate with cute Casper the Friendly Ghost door hangings and happy smiling pumpkins adorning our front walk.  

Nope!  Not anymore!   I get to (ok, WE get to) decorate with scary creatures, headstones, bones, creepy music, voices and screams coming from our house, and blood dripping down the windows, eyes peering out everwhere (like you’re being watched)…statues that talk, FOG spraying all over the walkway…oh, and mushy eyeballs and body parts that look and feel real that the kids can touch…

This is last year’s pic (at our old house).  

Oh, the sickness!  It’s coming my friends!   We already bought some more decorations last weekend, to add to our collection and I’m pretty sure theres still room for even more.  Yep!  I know there is.   I really wanted this lady…but she’s $150 at Lowes, and now all our local Lowes are out of them!  I’ll keep looking, she’s sooo coool!

  • Lifesize (Her name is Gemmy)
  • Eyes light up as she stirs her cauldron
  • Speaks in a creepy witch voice
  • Mouth moves as she speaks and sways
  • Cauldron functions as a mister
  • Realistically detailed
  • Sound and motion activated
  • Includes AC adapter and wireless microphone

I don’t know how many little kids we have in the neighborhood, but i don’t think i care too much if we get very many trick-or-treaters…because, selfishly, I think I decorate for me!   But I absolutely love it when the little kids come up and want to touch the eyeballs and stuff though, and aren’t scared, cuz we really don’t act scary.

Hubby’s considering making me something special for this Halloween though, and OH man am I excited about that!  It’s a secret right now, but if he does make it, you’ll all be the first to know AND you’ll get to see it in the making!  

Anyone else have this sickness?  MIL Penguin, are you afraid to come now?  *giggles*


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