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Muy Bueno! Taco Soup!

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I decided to try another crock-pot recipe from Stephanie @ A Year of Crockpotting.  (doesn’t she have a great name?  he he he)


Anyway, it was Taco Soup


This is “her picture” (I hope it’s ok that I stole borrowed it), but if you click on it, it will link you directly to the recipe on her site.   It’s a must try!



Talk about seriously easy recipe.   I can’t believe it was so simple.  I did everything the night before, put it in the crock, then the fridge…and in the morning, dropped it into the crock-pot thing…and presto!


We ate it just as it said, *almost* and with some tortilla chips….yum!  Even BabyAm who hates ALL beans even ate it, and liked it.   DELISH!  


*We did add black beans though.  And I used all dried beans, let me know if you want to do it that way and I’ll tell you what I did.  


I froze the rest last night, to dump in the crock-pot another day!  Plus I took a big container to my parents house…my Mama is sick.  Poor thing!   This should fix her right up! 


  1. I LOVE Steph’s site. Lots of yummyness there…

  2. yay! I’m so glad that you liked this so much, it’s one of our favorites.

  3. My mouth is watering just looking at this! Can’t wait to try it!

  4. Totally drooling over that. I love TACO anything. I wish I had a transformer large enough to make my crock pot work. Our crock pot pulls 300 or so watts, and I need a big fat transformer to make it run. So we haven’t used it at all since we’ve been here. Oh well. I’ll just have to go and create some other taco something myself!


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