Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | September 25, 2008

Well…NO Wonder!

BabyAm has been getting numerous calls the past few days from strange places.   Not many people have her new phone number, just a select few.   I personally suspected she had a RAT in the pack at school that she gave it to.  One of the messages she got (she’s only gotten two and one you couldn’t understand) was a young guy (I’m guessin about 18 or 19) who said he was calling about “the apartment” and was looking for Kaitlyn.   I just kept thinking that it was her ex-boyfriend and somehow was trying to get her to call him back.   So I did.  I told him he had the wrong number.

We gave the number to Hubby, he called it and found out that the guy got the number from an ad on craigslist for an “apartment”.  GREAT!   I started looking through the recent apartment ads on craigslist.  Tons of them!  I was afraid I’d be on the computer all night…But BabyAm was much more on the ball and (like any computer savvy my-dad’s-a-computer-geek girl would do) she googled her phone number, LESS one number at the end (by chance guessing they dialed wrong).  SCORE!

No wonder she had so many strange calls…what guy wouldn’t want to live here?  This is the ad:

I have a four bedroom two bath house with a yard!!!!!! There is a bar downstairs for your party needs. You can do what you want bring who you want you pay rent so there are no rules!!!!!!!!!!!The only thing I would ask is respect.  Looking to move in October 1st if i can find two guy room-mates.  There are already two girls so I need to guys.  We are 18 and 21 please nobody older than 24 thank you.

give me a call my name is kaitlyn at (XXX-XXX-XXXX )
hurry limited time only
by the way I am a 18 year old female with experience of living on her own

So, BabyAm changed her message to say she couldn’t come to the phone, and as a side note she does NOT have an “apartment” for rent, that they need to check the number again.  LOL   Pretty smart of her.  Unlike the (I’m sure) proper young ladies that posted this ad.  Or the overly excited young men calling who don’t know the difference between a house and an apartment. 

Please Lord, do NOT let my daughter, or any of her friends EVER post an ad like this, ANYWHERE.  I am begging you!   Amen.

Nothing good can come of that ad…*deep sigh*


  1. Ha! I’m sure it wasn’t so funny but to read it is. Glad Baby Am got that cleared up!

  2. lol~ Hope she never posts an ad like that either.


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