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Dad = Softy

Today was Spirit Day!   (It was Homecoming Week)  The blue eyeshadow came out again.  YUCK!   Oh well, I think we’re done with it for awhile. 

So, here’s a couple pictures of BabyAm’s outfit today.  These were taken before she left to meet her friend for the School Carnival (live band you know), and then the Homecoming Game, and the Burning of the Bull (I have no idea what that is/was). 

and then the back side…note just above her butt cheeks is DAD and MOM, we figured if she was going to draw attention to her tush, that those looking would be reminded of her DAD and MOM.  LOL  🙂   Sneaky!

That says on the right leg “Yes, it’s a hole” with a smiley face…she has had these pants since her freshman year…they just keep getting added to.  They are her “spirit Pants!   And here is the last pic, she is such a strange girl!

I picked the girls up from the night of excitement.  They met the band, got a shirt signed, took pictures with them, and they giggled all the way home.   I’m glad they had fun.  When we got inside, NayNay (a new friend from school) said she wanted to make dinner tomorrow night.   Um, ok?  Luchia will also be here tomorrow BabyAm went with her to her Homecoming last weekend, so she’s coming here for BabyAm’s this weekend.   Here’s a cute picture of them LAST weekend.  

So, where was I?   Oh yeah, they’ll all be getting ready for the Homecoming dance (they are all going together w/out dates)…and NayNay wants to cook.   Um, ok?   Sure, we were going to order Panda.  But this is just fine!  (Wait!  Am I going to have to clean up?)

Anyway, I got changed into my jammies…tossed a load of laundry in the dryer and when I came out, Hubby said, “they want to go to the store”…so because I was jammied up already…he got the JOY of taking two giggly girls to the store.  (It was just about 10:40pm at this point)

Well, I guess on the way, he forgot who he was, where he was going, etc.  So he ended up at Wal-Mart, instead of the other grocery store he was going to.   Now you’re probably wondering why he forgot who he was…I wonder if it could be if the girls ganged up on him (because he’s a softy) and asked if 3 guys (that don’t have dates) come over to our house for dinner tomorrow night too!  YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME?   Does ANYONE in this house actually KNOW me?   I am guessing not.   He caved.   CAVED I tell you.   Made the executive decision to agree to this insane idea.

No, I’m not drunk yet.  But I thought about it after I heard the news…

Right now they are still at the store.  (They’ve been gone for an hour already)  Hubby’s been giving me updates, they have gotten stuff for dinner, they have been looking at hair stuff, shoes and strapless bras…Yes, my husband is a saint.     I did tell him to make sure they knew that I am not as much of a sucker as he is…he laughed and said “oh, they do”…He’s going to need some serious Valium by the time he gets home, but he seems to be holding up fairly well. 

Funny thing is, I’ll be gone for a good portion of the morning and early afternoon…I think he’s going to need something stronger than Valium when he’s here alone with all 3 of the girls tomorrow!  If you pray, would you pray for all of us?  This is our first weekend with a house full of teenagers…I’ll keep you posted. 

So when I say Dad = Softy, I am dead serious!


  1. Oh, you 2 will survive- and have a BLAST! Baby Am and her friends sound like good kids, and with the exception of the noise you’ll have fun laughing with them, taking pictures and just listening. Seriously- pictures! Then, the beauty is that they will leave relatively early and you get your quiet home back!

    Give her kisses for me and tell her to have a great time. As we ‘old folks’ know, these carefree times don’t last for very long. As I told Headless Girl last year, Am only has one chance to make great memories in her Senior year…You’ll be ok, Mom. I promise!

  2. I’m quite sure I had a pair of pants that looked almost exactly like that!! lol~ Cute though.


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