Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | September 27, 2008

So far so good…

The evening in pictures…(until they left)…
Dad set the table, PROPERLY.

Maybe tomorrow, I’ll be able to share dance pics…
don’t get your hopes up, I’m sure they were
too busy dancing to take any!

I’m half way through the night…only 1.5 hours left!


  1. Great looking group!

  2. Steph,

    Thanks for the e-mail. The pictures look good and everyone is having fun. They look like a great bunch of kids enjoying a fun evening. Can’t wait to see if they took pictures at the dance.

    Mrs. Potts

    P.S. Thanks for sharing the pictures

  3. Looks like they are having fun here. Hope it stayed mild…. 😉

  4. How cool! Everyone looks so NICE!!! I cant believe the girls cooked in those dresses!!

    Your kitchen is awesome!


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