Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | September 29, 2008

WOM Monday – St. Ive’s Facical Scrub

I’ve been using this product for YEARS, rarely do I get a blemish, zit, pimple (whatever you want to call it)…and if I do…washing my face with this does the trick 95% of the time.    That’s great odds!

I love how clean it makes my skin feel!

For more WOM Monday posts, head on over to Kelly’s for this weeks WOM Monday!   And consider posting your own WOM Monday Carnival post…it’s nice to see what products everyone else likes!  🙂  Go, hurry…now! 


  1. Tag-You’re it!

  2. Well, we now all have the cleanest, smoothest faces ever with Headlesses previous WOM, mine and now yours. Our readers have a TON to choose from! Thanks Steph!!


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