Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | October 5, 2008

Eat Your Heart Out HP!

It’s no secret that we think HP SUCKS!   We also have told you how they Continually Suck!  Then we told you that you should always BUY A DELL!  Now we’re here to tell you that we were not kidding!  HP and their wretched customer service lost out on some serious big bucks!

As you will see from the photo below, we still think that HP Sucks and (obviously) stand by our position that Dell is the way to go.  What you are seeing is 16 computers (desktops and laptops) and another 5 printers – all from Dell.  Not to mention a projector and 8 computers from the two weeks prior that are not shown in the photo. These are not for re-sale; they are all end user systems for a client of ours.

Because of the treatment that we got from HP customer service and have received for some time now, HP never got the opportunity to give us any pricing on any of this stuff.  There are both mid-range and high-end computers here, so all of this stuff is right up HP’s alley.

This is what happens when you treat your customers like crap.  You don’t even get a chance.  If you work at HP, feel free to forward this post on to Mark Hurd so he can see what his customer service department does for him!  Maybe he’ll think twice in the future about not returning snail-mail that was written PERSONALLY to him.

Eat your heart out HP.  YOU SUCK!


  1. haha! I love this pic! Eat your heart out is right. 😉

  2. Holy MOLY! Great for WOMM!! (it’s up BTW) I swear MOndays creep up on me!

    I have a Dell and love it. I’m about in the market for a new one, I’ll have to get your hubby’s advice when it is time!!


  3. Hey, Steph! My post is up and I don’t know how to say this to you but-Tag, you’re it! 😉

  4. Ok-so Im catching up on past post…what the heck-why do you have all them computers?!
    Its funny that you should be happy with Dell because Ive had the WORST time with mine!!!! 2 days before it turned a year old my entire hard drive died…I spent countless hours day after day trying to talk to Dell…I even had a HUGE record of things of the millions of problems I had before then but NOTHING! They were jerks!
    Then after calling daily and them telling me to try this try that, my year was up and then they refused to help me- I HATE THEM!! So needless to say I had to go bu a whole new internal hard drive, AND install it myself!! It works but this thing still runs like crap…a lot of money down the drain. sniff sniff! 😦
    SOOOOOOOO-ONCE AGAIN…Im very jealous!!!!
    Honestl though, Im glad you had a good experience cause mine literally was a living hell!

    So one day when we win the lottery Im getting a laptop and giving this piece of s%#t to my kids for homework & stuff. I cant stand being stcuk in this room when they are out there…since I started bloggin Ive missed out on a lot of time-bad mommy!

    Dang, I just looked at the picture again…that is a lot of stuff!!
    And you never have a problem w/Dell?? WOW!

    I told them I understand they might be good but maybe I just got the one bad apple, things like that DO happen but they wouldnt listen. Grrrr…thsi brings up so much anger.
    Okay Im done!

    Cant wait to hear back from ya! 😉
    Remember your my buddy-so be nice! haha


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