Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | October 5, 2008

New Name

On Thursday, October 2nd, BabyAm got a new last name!   She took Hubby’s last name, he’s been raising her, as his own, for almost 10 years…it was long overdue.  Can you tell she’s happy?   Hubby was on cloud 9 himself!

She was wearing her new outfit that we got her for Debate last year (see my SUCKER post) , but didn’t get the pants hemmed in time for her to wear them.   And she and I switched off purses for the day (shhh, I still have hers!).   She sure is a beauty!


  1. What a special day indeed! She is a beee-yut!
    It must have been some process that got you to Thursday. Congrats!


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