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Duck Duck Goose!

Georgie at Decisionally Challenged sort-of tagged me for this Meme. 



She posted when I tagged her, so I took on the challenge of her following Meme (in the same post) because I had never answered these questions before.  (Does that make sense?) Here goes!


What were you doing 10 years ago?  

Waiting for Mr. Right (My Hubby).  I didn’t know he was coming, but I’m sure I was waiting for him.   I was also playing the role of single working mom, trying to keep afloat. 


5 Things on My To-Do List Today?

  1. Appointment, to adjust my body
  2. Appointment, to adjust my attitude
  3. Finish Paying the Bills (YUCK!)
  4. Pick up a Silver Glittery Pen
  5. Get some genealogy stuff out for my mom to help me work on!


What snacks I enjoy?

  1. Circus Cookies 
  2. Movie Theater Popcorn
  3. This might sound gross, but it’s sooo good – Cream Cheese, with soy sauce over the top, and sesame seeds…to be eaten with Wheat Thins or Crackers


What would I do if I were to suddenly become a Billionaire?

In no particular order:

  1. Scream like a banshee, and probably end up having a heart-attack, spending part of it on my hospital bill
  2. I would pay every bill we have off
  3. I would  buy a new house & a new car (or two)
  4. I would pay off all my parent’s bills, and my in-law’s bills, and our extended family’s bills…and if any of them wanted a new house/car – let’s add that in too!
  5. Travel somewhere fun
  6. Pay for our kid’s college
  7. Invest


3 Bad Habits

  1. I don’t exercise
  2. I eat too much crap
  3. I smoke

5 Places I have lived

Sorry to disappoint…there are only two!

Idaho and Utah…


5 Jobs I have had

  1. Dessert Girl – LOL
  2. Waitress  – One of my favorite jobs!
  3. Software Licensing Administrator
  4. Software Instructor
  5. Software Documenter (Similar to “Dummies guide to…” books)


5 things (MOST) peeps don’t know about me

  1. My Middle Name (I think that is another post in and of itself)…hummm
  2. I used to have a duck as a pet.  Potty trained and all…used to nip at my diapers and pull me down when I walked.   Yes sir, that’s the truth!   (Ask My Mom!)
  3. I have anxiety issues when I ride in the car as a passenger, and it has gotten worse (quickly) over the past couple years.
  4. My heart absolutely melts when my husband plays his trumpet.
  5. I will stand by my husband and my daughter like no other could imagine.


So like Georgie, I’ll tell you if you’d like to tag yourself, I would love it (but remember to come back and tell me!)…and if you would rather just answer some or all of the questions in my comment section that is awesome too!   


  1. I share one of your bad habits…


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