Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | October 17, 2008

The Present!

Went to leave to take BabyAm to school today because she asked I’m a nice Mom.   As we were leaving something felt strange…I wonder what that could have been?

I pulled back in the driveway, because it was impossible to go anywhere.

We took the car.

When I returned home, I walked into Hubby’s office and asked him if he’d seen the present I left him in the driveway this morning? 

He hadn’t.  But we did find the culpret that helped make this morning more lively.

Thank Goodness for AAA – Thanks Penguin Parents!   Worth every penny I just paid earlier this week for our 2nd year!


  1. I SOOOO totally can appreciate your situtation!!

    Just to introduce myself ~
    I’m “Got Kids need Valium”‘s sister.. I took the link to check things out on your site!!

    This kind of thing happens to me all the time!!!
    The last time was the biggest PITB ever!!

    There is hardly a time when something is NOT wrong with my car!!!

    I’m glad you got thru it!!


  2. Hmmm,sounds like super fun….NOT!!!!
    If this had happened to me the morning the boy forgot his socks and shoes….UGHHH!!
    I would have lost my mind!!


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