Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | October 22, 2008

The Griswald Halloween!

As much as I hate to say it…we are officially the Griswald’s.  They should do a movie about us.   We are one of the VERY few to decorate on our block…and we have really out done ourselves this year!   I promised more pics…so here you go.  

What you don’t see/hear are things like the fog machine (that will come out on Halloween night), the Witch that not only says several different things when you walk by her, but she also moves her hips…stirs her caldron, and a colored bit of smoke (like steam) comes out of her caldron as well.   She also has a microphone that you can put her in a certain mode, and you can talk into the microphone and it comes out of her.   Her eyes also freakishly glow and flash!

Other things are the Butler, has freaky eyes as well, he says several different things via motion detection, and we’ve put gooey eyballs, livers, hearts and lungs on his platter for all to FEEL and play with.   He also has a bloody knife on it too.

The guy hanging upside down has a motion sensor in him too…but he wriggles and jiggles and screams things like “let me out”  “let me down” and gives you the creeps to be honest.  

The small skeleton behind the coffin is 6 feet long, but the skeleton on the roof is 12 feet long…yeah.  Can you say Losers?

We also play a cd of scary sounds, it has chainsaws…water dripping, people screaming as they fall down off what sounds like a very tall place, dogs tearing something apart, you know…fun stuff! 

Next year I will get the coffin lined with padding and red velvet…and maybe I’ll get in it and scare the little children!  Just kidding, only the stupid teenagers who should NOT be out trick or treating, and heavens if they are going to do it…at least dress up!   Anyway, where was I?   Oh yea…lots of you have asked if I’m going to get in it…not this year, but seriously maybe next! 

And I failed to mention…GUMMY BODY PARTS and BONES, Spiders and Skeleton Suckers will be amongst the chocolate candy…Stop by!   I’ll make some hot chocolate with marshmallows and we can count together, the 5 trick or treaters we’re going to get because we’re so wacked out!

If you want to see more of the pictures of the coffin being built, and other miscellaneous halloween pics of the yard that I didn’t post here, you can see them all in this set on our flickr account.


  1. Oh my gosh..I wanna come to your house, I wanna come!! {jumping up & down}
    The baby would love all this stuff…she is seriously cooky,haha! But she does really love all the halloween things-wierd…but its fun!
    You guys really outdo yourselves -WOW, I love it!
    Your house looks beautiful!

  2. I wanna come too. Can I? Please, please, please!

    I love decorating for Halloween but my house is on the market and my agent said….”mmmm….Halloween decorations?? Not so much” 😦

  3. Ewww. That realtor can bite me! I don’t see why it would detract from the home looking appealing. I mean, a little decorations couldn’t hurt! Geez.

    Anyway, Steph, I looked at these pics already, but never left a comment. I love ALL the decorations. Wish I could stop by your house this halloween. Looks great, you guys did an awesome job! I can’t wait to get back to the states to decorate my house! (someday!)

  4. Thanks Leslie! I did put a few, but my kinder, gentler few so as not to ruffle feathers of people who just don’t get into it.


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