Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | October 24, 2008

Belt Buckle…

Crazy title huh?   It’s been a crazy day! 

First off, I would like to introduce you to Belt Buckle.  Hubby and I just met him today, however we have heard of him MULTIPLE times.  We think that seriously God was looking down on us this morning thinking to himself, “those wack-jobs” need a great day today.  All 3 of us had one!   *Thank you!*

Anyway, I’ll describe Belt Buckle to you later…but I had to tell you all that right this very minute, our little tiny baby girl…BabyAm, is out with a new friend, yes – a guy friend.  I can’t believe it!   We are so happy that it is not the Liar Liar, I have been wanting to strangle for the past several months!  So, to be honest, we are just thrilled that she is being treated exactly how she should be treated, and she’s experiencing tonight, what her senior year SHOULD be like, with a gentleman! 

For those of you that may be concerned that we just let our precious princess loose, rest assured…her leash is pretty tight.  She’s been nonchalantly texting me their whereabouts, their plans and the best bit of assurance that we are thankful for…she is also with his entire family. 

Oh, I have so much to say!   However my mind is going too fast for my fingers…I’ll update you all tomorrow (or later if I can’t sleep!)

OMG, did I just write that I’m happy about our baby…DATING?????  
No, you’re right, I couldn’t have.  Whew!

But on a more serious note, please don’t think I’m off my rocker…I had to put the picture there for effect.   Our real excitement is that is a great self-esteem boost that BabyAm so desperately needed.   That AND that is not the aforementioned Liar Liar.   (aforementioned, thats a big word for me!)


  1. See? She is doing fine!

    And, you’ll be fine, too.

  2. OMG-I so wish that we lived closer!
    At least yours is older…my almost 14 yr. old has had a “phone” boyfriend since Feb!! Ughhh, its killing me but they dont get to date cause like you, we have a very tight hold on her leash.
    But Im so not ready for the days when she goes “out”…YiKeS!!
    So Im right there with ya girlfriend!!


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