Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | October 28, 2008

Kids with Knives?

Well, the electric (pumpkin carving) knife that BabyAm bought while she and Belt Buckle picked out pumpkins this afternoon said “For Adult Use Only”…but they used it anyway, and other huge knives!

She always has to be the “rebel”. 

Eeeewwww!  Guts!

And may I introduce Tommy Lee,
The Supervisor!

That was hard work!  Down the Dew!

Four funny faces!

Ooooh!  Those are some scary pumpkins!  LOL
And he even brought home-made dessert…it was HEAVEN!


  1. k So the dessert? Twas Fruitcup Cake =)

    Yeah, we loved it (too bad he can’t top sex in a pan that i make on rare occassion) LOL!

    We had a blast, he doesn’t actually like the guts, but he still took em out! I loved being able to just goof off with all the funny carving tools and he even helped when I was a baby complaining =) What a guy!

    When we looked for pumpkins at the store earlier he wanted the biggest one, until I told him No… LOL It was a fun night, maybe soon he can meet the Grammy… oh the more psycho fun this family will bring him 😉

  2. Ya know, they look like they had a blast! We usually do that with my sister. I’ll have to post the pics! She does a bang up job carving pumpkins!

    Your kids look so big ~ what are they doing for halloween?

    They did GOOD!

  3. I was wondering what Ams design was….lol! I see it now in the finished product. Hey, Mr. Buckle is a cutie. Looks like he may have a good sense of humor too. Trust me, if they can’t even be silly in a pose for a picture, ditch ’em, don’t need ’em. But that’s cool. Looks like fun. I wish I could play too though. And yes, as my sister stated, I do a bang up job carving pumpkins.

  4. Awwww, I still havent gotten a pumpkin to carve…not self BUY ONE TODAY!! Everyone is posting all these cute carving pictures, Im so jealous!
    This is adorable, the happiness that radiates from BabyAm’s face is so real & sweet.

  5. Aagh! I forgot the pumpkins!

  6. A good sport and he brings dessert? I don’t know, but I think we’ve got a “keeper” 🙂 We did the same fun stuff at my house last night….sans pics 😦


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