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Blog Neglect

I know I’ve not been on top of bloggin the past couple weeks, so I thought I’d take a few minutes and explain why.  There’s not just ONE reason, theres a good handful.

Scrapbooking – For those of you who don’t know, I do (occasionally) get into the scrapbooking mode.   I’m in that mode right now.   I feel like I’m running out of time to get everything done.   Mrs. Potts explained that I have my whole life to accomplish this, and to just take a deep breath and slow down.  I really am trying to take that advice.   Right now I am trying to get our family album started, and I am doing pretty good doing a few pages here and there.   We (the Bookclub/Breakfast Club girls and a few friends) have started a once a month scrapbooking day and we trade off houses.   It’s pretty fun, low key, laid back.  And helpful.  Additionally, my friend (we’ll call her JoJo) and I have a standing Thursday night date at Archivers and tell our friends they’re all invited too.  You see the problem is, then I spend all day Friday making a mess of my house with scrapbooking stuff…spread into about 4 rooms now, and into the weekend sometimes as well.

Genealogy – Well…that’s an inherited sickness.   My mom (who has been doing this for like 14 years or something like that) has started coming over on Wednesday nights to help me with my bio-family genealogy.   What a mess!   It’s alot of work, and I fight her tooth and nail while doing it, mostly because I know how addicting it is.   When she helped me with starting my Hubby’s family a couple years ago…I didn’t sleep!  (Well, not much anyway)   All these dead people trying to tell me (when I was awake, sleeping, showering etc…) where to look for them, and how to find them, or someone close to them…I swear I start to think I’m Sybil when I’m really working hard on something.    So, she’s been trying to get me to let my guard down, so those skeletons in our closet can come out.  LOL

Secret Project – I have a secret project I’m working on as well, wish I could tell you all about it – BUT I can’t cuz I’ve got family that read my blog…so if you’re curious, and your not family feel free to ask me!

Belt Buckle – This has been such a whirl-wind thing, I can’t begin to explain it.   It’s all good (keeping fingers crossed) and very neat to see.   We met his Mom today, she’s very nice and seems to really be alot like me, which doesn’t hurt.  LOL   I hope things work out for these two kids.   And because they’ve done this by our requirements and have been following the rules so well, BabyAm get’s more freedom than she’s ever had when it comes to leaving with him, etc.   They’ve done tons of stuff together, and they seem to be making a good effort to stay out of the drama and cliques at school, which is great!   I could ramble on and on about the manners this young man has, but just know that Maam, and Sir are very very common words in his vocabulary, and NOT in the Eddie Haskell sort of way.  Gentleman all the way!  So the new relationship is draining the “Mommy” in me, cuz I’m trying to be watchful/careful and also trusting and giving some extra freedom…trying to let her grow up.   *sigh*

Pictures – Because of the above mentioned scrapbooking issue I have…I needed pictures to scrapbook right?   Well – I have pictures dating back to 1986 – BabyAm’s age.   This is pathetic.   So I’m trying to separate (and organize) pictures into 3 main areas… 1) Before BabyAm  2) After BabyAm 3) After I met Hubby.    We’re talking umm 22 years of pictures, give me a break people!!!!!!  And everything after 2001 is all digital (come back here after reading the last paragraph–the number of digital pictures will probably make you hurl), I have not even touched the surface of that disaster!   Remember I said MAIN areas a second ago, yeah.  Main is the key word, because nothing is ever in perfect order, or in the correct place.  I’m finding all sorts of weird pictures in weird piles, stuffed in drawers, being used as bookmarks and probably some as filler for other boxes of stuff.  It’s fun my friends!  FUN!

So, if you don’t see me around, please feel free to email me or leave me a comment.   I may be stuck under a pile of boxes (full of pictures that aren’t labeled etc.) and I might need to be rescued.  I will probably snap a couple pictures of my organizing disaster next time it is deemed “picture worthy”.  (Like I need more pictures!  Right now on our Picture Drive we have 33.4 gigs of pictures…and the amount of pictures taking up that space is…are you ready?  28,032 pictures in 734 different folders!!!!) 

After that number, I really need a drink.


  1. You have been a busy girl indeed! Because I’m nosy I wanna know about your secret project! I LOVE secrets! 🙂

  2. Hey hey!!

    I wanna know about the “secret project!!”

    I feel your pain I have 10 shoe boxes full of pictures from 1995 till I got my digital camera then I started to store them on cd’s…I have 20 cd’s full of pictures…put it this way, Im so far behind I dont have ONE picture of the Princess printed out besides the 8×10’s on the wall.

    So you want my stuff too, cause it truly doesnt sound like you have enough going on already! hahaha!

    Good luck my dear friend!
    I will be keeping in touch with ya!

  3. 28,000 pics makes me want to hurl.

    Or drink heavily. I’ll join you!

    I think I know what the secret project is…

  4. OOOhh, I want to know too!! You sound busy. And it’s Halloween on top of it all. Enjoy the night! And try not to think of all those pictures, it’s making me a little woozy for you. **hugs

  5. Wow! that is A LOT of pictures!!! Whew! No wonder your head is spinning!

    Hope you had a nice Halloween!

    BTW, you have been boo’d ~ stop by my site to see my latest slide show.. It has pics from tonight as well!

    Get some rest woman! You’re stressing me out with all those pics.. and Belt Buckle.. I’m impressed with his manners.. His Momma did well!

    I hope to get that lucky and hope that my boy acts that way, when I’m not around!!!

    Good Night!


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