Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | October 31, 2008

I got Boo’d!

I got BOO’d!!!!!!!  Thanks Vicki!  She’s a sweetie,
and you can go give her some comment love @ The Ramblings of Victoria!!!! 
I’m barely just in time to post it before midnight!

Here’s the instructions on how to BOO others:
Go to as many of your blog buddies as you want and tell them they have been BOO’d! Have them pick up their treat (this picture) and add it to their blog… be sure to link the person who BOO’d you! Put the picture in your sidebar so others know you have been BOO’d! Now, go BOO your friends!
Hope everyone had a happy and SAFE Halloween out there!
…sadly  I don’t think I made it in time to Boo Anyone…but I’m keeping it to start up again next Halloween.  I can do that can’t I?    Well, if not…too bad!  🙂  Happy Halloween!


  1. LOL!!! The Littlest was just complaining to me that we didn’t get BOO’d this year. The neighborhood instigator moved away this past spring and I didn’t even think about the game until right before the kids went out on Halloween night. If you want to see what they looked like….check out my blog!


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