Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | November 4, 2008

Almost Forgot!

My mind has not been fully “there” lately…so before I forget again…

On Saturday morning, first thing, Hubby Amber and I all got the Halloween decorations taken down (as much as I love them…I was getting tired of them) and placed perfectly in the coffin!  I can’t tell you how awesome it was to just put it all in one place, instead of trying to fit it into a million totes.

However, in order to have a good place for the coffin, we had to clean the garage (isn’t that par for the course?).   We spent the entire day (before our State Football Game) cleaning out, moving, and giving away STUFF.   Thank heaven it got accomplished, it needed it bad.

So…Sunday, the Ex-husband stopped by (to see BabyAm) and it just so happened (conveniently) that my Hubby and I were outside.  He decided that since the weather was so nice (warm but overcast) he would put up the Christmas lights on the house.  Crazy?   Not really…we figure that if he did it now, he wouldn’t have to do it when it was -10 degrees outside and snowing.   LOL – Well, it just so happens that the Ex-husband is a roofer (20+ years).   So, he graciously climbed on the roof and hung the higher lights.  He makes it look like he’s not on a roof, not on a slope, not 14 feet in the air (or higher).   Talk about saving the day and getting it all done in 1/2 the time!  (we won’t turn them on until after Thanksgiving though, just so you know we aren’t “THAT” crazy!)


As a reward, (and because I beat her) BabyAm cooked us all a good brunch, and we called it a weekend.   I think we are all thankful that we don’t have to do this again!


  1. Wow! How lucky you are to have that task done!! YAY for “helpers”. It was very nice of him to jump up there and do that for yall! What a guy!
    He does look quite comfortable up there! lol

    I’m happy your lights up! I know that is one thing less to worry about!

    Now, back to the tv viewing… this is the most nervous I have ever been!

    Good Night!
    Your house looks very nice!

  2. That rocks! What a load off!

  3. Yay!! How awesome. Isn’t it great to have someone help out with that task?? My brother has been the Christmas lights guy for us. I don’t have a house to decorate yet, but I will settle for being in the US for Christmas! 😉

  4. Thank you girlie for ALL the comment love!!

    Would you come hang some lights at my house too, lucky duck!?!?!

    Cant wait to see some night pictures when its all lite up!

  5. I’m jealous! When you don’t hear from me don’t think I’m not reading….I can’t post when I read from my phone which I do a lot these days!


  6. Hey!
    I upgraded my account so I changed a few things…let me know what you think!
    You know how much I value your opinion! 😉

    Hope things are well my dear friend!


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