Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | November 4, 2008

Always Coming in 2nd…

This morning we were up and outta bed like a flash of lightning a couple of zombies.  BabyAm and Belt Buckle left for school, and we left to cast our vote, 7:10am.  Poles opened at 8am…but we didn’t want to be in line for hours…so we stopped to get a donut first.

We headed to the fire station, where the cute firemen are where we were told to go and got in line.   Only about 6 guys in front of us.   Cool!  7:30am


Then forming two lines one for the first half of the alphabet, the other for us in the 2nd half.   I told the lady my name…2nd on the list!  Hubby of course, first. (in our letter)

We filled in our circles, Hubby finished first…I finished 2nd.  8:02am

The lady we were standing in front of said to Hubby with a smile, “Oh!  My first voter!”   She opened up the ballot box, showed everyone inside that it was empty and locked it up.  He dropped in the first ballot in the precinct to vote, then she said “Hubby has voted”.  He got his sticker, and moved aside for the 2nd person in line to slide theirs in.   It was me.   2nd.

I didn’t get the whole fun hoopla/fanfare embarassment that he got, how rude!  Or in other words, how fortunate for me to be always 2nd. 

That was EASY!easy-button

Then we arrived home in quick fashion to blog about the experience!  8:09am

We voted!  If you’ve not done so already…what are you waiting for????


  1. I have bowling this morning but will meet HG and HD here around 11:30 to go over. There should be less lines then anyway-most people are at work.

  2. yay! you voted. 😉

  3. WoooHooo!!! I’m proud of you guys ! 1st and 2nd..
    After taking the kids to school, Uhmmmm well, we weren’t 1st or 2nd.. but we were there by 8:30.. As we were leaving my parents drove up in their Pathfinder with flags blowing in the wind!!! Funny Sight, I wish I had my camera to record the event!!! lol

    I did call Les to tell her about our parents and their patriotism.. They were cute!

    Enjoy your day!

  4. I VOTED too!!!


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