Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | November 6, 2008

What I’ve been working on…

If you’re curious about some of what I’ve been working on (just screwing around really), click the links below.  Please be patient as they take a couple minutes to open.   They are .pdf files, just so you know.




It’s been a long day – errands all morning, Senior Pics all late afternoon…and then I just got back from my weekly scrapbooking night with JoJo.

Tomorrow morning I sleep in!


  1. So where do I put my order in??
    Need address to ship the 200 shoe boxes of pictures I have as well…hahaha!
    Good job buddy!

  2. Wow, thats pretty cool. I seriously need to start doing some of that myself. Of course I’m about ready to uproot my life, so maybe I better wait a bit. lol! Good work!


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