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WOM Monday (On Wednesday!)

*Edited to add that this post also fits for Spoiled Mommy‘s Favorite/Not So Favorite Friday, so I’m cheating a bit!*    This week will be better, I’ll do both of them on the day’s I’m supposed to!  🙂

Better late than NEVER!  I have not done a Word of Mouth Monday in weeks.   I am a lame friend, just ask the creator of this very cool idea, Kelly @ Something Funny Happened Today…she’ll tell you I dropped the ball, by not being on the ball…I’m trying to pick it back up though!  I swear! 

So, I’m going to do it today Wednesday, instead of late…now I can be early!   Here goes, stay with me!

My very favorite piece of technology, one that I absolutely could not live without (now)…is my beautiful and wonderful…Blackberry Curve!   

Here are mine and Hubby’s.  Mine is the red one, and I have a pink skin for it.  I took it off for the picture!  Now that I think about it, I should have put BabyAm’s in the picture too.  What was I thinking???


Mine is a good year old, so I recommend the new BOLD (9000).  It’s pretty pricey though, so we’ll wait until the price comes down, since it is so brand new.   But, it has video, and a brighter picture (if that’s possible), plus more features too.  Here’s a picture of it!


I can’t recommend the STORM (touch screen) because I don’t know enough about it’s functionality, but I’ve heard the touch keypad isn’t all it’s cracked up to be (I say, let them work out the kinks first).  

What I can tell you is this.   I can’t imagine needing anything other than the functionality I have right at this very moment with my “baby”.   Would I upgrade to a BOLD?   In a heartbeat! 

  • I can instant message my husband, daughter and anyone else who has a Blackberry, with one click!   Send pictures via instant message to them with ease! (Blackberry Instant Messenger!)
  • I can also Instant message with Yahoo, MSN, ICQ etc. if I want to.
  • I can get my email, respond to, and delete them…anytime, anywhere!
  • I can surf the web, READ BLOGS, get my RSS feeds, and save my favorite sites in seconds!
  • I can get directions to most anywhere with my TeleNav GPS.   Also with my TeleNav GPS, I can get the closest “pizza place”, “coffee shop” or virtually anywhere with my directory, and have not only the directions (maps), but the address and telephone number too, at my fingertips!
  • I get text messages, just like anyone else…but with the QWERTY keyboard typing anything (email, IM’s, texts) are a snap!  No more pressing the same key 3x to get the letter I want!   Instead, I just press it!
  • I have emoticons, symbols, calculator, games, alarms—you name it, I probably have it!
  • Additionally, I also sync my Blackberry with my Outlook so that I have all my appointments, and all my address book information, including notes inside my contacts!  I can send appointments to my family as well, from my phone!  Dr. Appts., meetings, breakfast with the girls!
  • I even can watch movies on my Blackberry!   Right now I have one of my favorite movies on my phone, and it is one I could watch over and over because it makes me laugh!   (Name of movie left out purposely for fear of judgement).   My husband has 2 or 3 movies on his Blackberry, and he has while shopping with me, been caught (by sales staff) watching The Terminator!   Too funny!
  • Music?  You want your music too?   Guess what?  it’s my own personal iPod too!   I probably have 60+ songs on mine now.   I’m sure it’ll hold more, but I have what I want, so I’m good.
  • I can also upload pictures to my flickr account too!
  • And the best thing????  I CAN BLOG FROM IT!!

All that to say, my Crackberry ROCKS! – And it is just like CRACK (well I don’t know that from personal experience, but I can attest to the addiction!)  I hate being without it!   I told hubby when he bought it for me that it was stupid, and I wasn’t going to like it.   (Do I have to admit that I was wrong?—Doesn’t really matter, he knows how much I love it!  You will too, when you get yours!)

(Here’s a list of most all of Kelly’s WOM—Go check them out!)


  1. OK, so now Im the jealous one!!!
    My daughter and I were just talking about this last night-too funny….except it was about the new one the Blackberry Storm…WOW!!!!!!
    But with your little WOM post now you have sold me on wanting one REALLY bad!!
    Dang it-you dont know what trouble you have started..hahaha!

  2. Ok, so ya know.. I just got the call yesterday from Alltel telling us that we can update our phones!!! YAY
    My daughter and I are so excited! YAY New phones! More later!

  3. I have a crackberry too, that I’m also addicted to, it’s great! Thanks for stopping by my blog, keep in touch!

  4. Ughhh, where is your Not so Favorite lil missy!?!?!?

    And what was that down below….a call about an upgrade…I didnt get THAT call!!! And Ive been w/Alltel for 11 years!!! Grrrrr!!


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