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Another week bites the dust!

Sorry I’ve been AWOL.   I have just had so many things going on.   Let me catch you up in a nutshell.


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I hope he doesn’t mind!

Thursday night we spent the evening getting Hubby ready to go to Colorado.   He had to visit 8 stores in 2 days, each on opposite sides of Denver to clean up computers, and take care of miscellaneous crap so that all 8 stores were up and running smoothly for the holidays.   (And guess what, he gets to go again now, the end of November, or the 1st of December for an overnighter to get a new store set up…Great!)

So Friday morning I dropped him off at the airport and came home…and actually fell asleep!   I had so many things to accomplish, but I fell asleep!   Now, truth be told, I’ve not been sleeping well.   Not at all.   So this was a both good and bad for me.   Later in the afternoon, I rushed to get some stuff put together for my Scrap Mania night at Archivers with JoJo.  And load up the dogs, drop them off at my moms house and head out for a night of fun!  – Scary, I had to leave my two toddlers (the cute by hyper Boston Boys) with my mom and her two dogs, one of which is pretty mellow, the other who is a rescue and isn’t 100% used to my wild children yet.   Freaked me out!  (They did pretty well she said though, all things considered)

Scrapbooking that night proved to be semi-productive.  I had the most fun visiting, but I did take a couple pictures to show you of what our table looked like and what I was working on.



When I got home that night, it was all about getting ready for Saturday morning.   I was having some ladies over that I met at Bible Study/Breakfast Club and some friends and family too…to spend the day visiting, drinking tea and scrapbooking. 

So, when Saturday morning finally arrived, Mrs. Potts brought her tea-pot, I got out Grandma B’s china, and everyone (but me) worked on something.   CJ (the Cemetery Junkie) my mom, worked on genealogy and helped my Auntie G work on a fleece (tied) blanket, and some visited looking through scrapbooks/genealogy books of our families, and others scrapbooked.  It was a great day.   One of my friends (let’s call her Army Mom) from school stayed with me until just after midnight and we visited about all things marriage and teenagers.  I think we both needed it.

I didn’t sleep well that night at all.  I was feeling pretty melancholy.  And had a ton of strange things going through my head that I needed to work through. 

Sunday morning, after I finally got some sleep (about 3 hours worth) I pulled myself together and Belt Buckle came over because BabyAm wanted to make him lunch.  Cute huh?   Hubby’s plane was expected in, so we took off to go get him.   We missed having him home for the weekend.  Things seem so weird when you’re used to someone being home all the time, and they are gone for 3 days.  Then we went out to have a nice dinner as a family, because I was NOT about to cook.   (remember, I don’t really enjoy that too much)  

Monday morning Mrs. Potts came by for Tea, and biscuits so we could catch up.   We both really needed that time together.   I wish she could have stayed all day to scrap. 

Tuesday morning was an early one, Army Mom had to drop off her Darling Daughter (19 years old) who was headed to Basic Training, and I didn’t think she needed to be driving after dropping her off…so they picked me up at 5am, and we headed to the Federal Building.  Tough morning, let me tell you.  Last weekend she had a ‘going away’ party for her…this is a picture of us girls.   Our two daughters could be sisters…attitude and all.   Let me tell you!


Tuesday and Wednesday, BabyAm has had her share of vomiting, and feeling horrible (she stayed home on Wednesday, and I hope today she’ll make it to school for the afternoon classes)…Hubby keeps feeling like he wants to puke (off and on) and me…well lets just say I think I might have a little cold (ok, I’m fighting what I believe to be bronchitis with every single bit of strength I can muster up.—It’s helping!)  We blame the flu shot.  It’s easier that way.

What a long week…I can’t wait for tomorrow when the weekend starts!  So to all my dear bloggin buddies who’ve checked up on me this week.  Thanks so much.  Please know I’ll be reading all day, for the next few days trying to catch up on all of your lives, and commenting like a banshee!  

…PS…I got another award, so I hope to post that by this weekend as well, Spoiled Mommy takes such good care of me, when it comes to awards!  Thanks my friend “M”!


  1. Phew. Take a break momma. I’ve missed ya! Hope everyone is feeling better. ((hugs))

  2. Hey there stranger!!!!
    WOW-when you blog, you blog!!
    I got some reading to do but I am NOT complaining, oh how I have missed you!!

    I asked Leslie if she had heard from you and she said that you posted today so I quickly ran, eys ran on over and YEAH to my surprise I found not just one but many posts!! WOoHOo!!!

    Glad to have you back girlie!
    I really hope your feeling better.
    Missed ya!

  3. I have been wondering how you are doing. Hope you are taking care of you – as well as your family.


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