Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | November 25, 2008

Lower! Lower! Lower!

I was excited when the gas prices started falling (11-7-08), and then they fell even lower (11-12-08).   Today (11-25-08), I’m just in complete awe!   Ready for the latest at Fred Meyer–Costco probably is a couple cents lower, and Sam’s probably a couple more…but this is awesome!!!!!


Do you think it’ll get lower than this???? 
Oh how I hope so!

Anyone else wanna share prices where they are?


  1. Ok-1st Im feeling a little neglected over here!!
    Gee, I miss my buddy!

    As for prices here…my Moma saw the lowest being 1.56!!!!!!!

  2. $1.83 at Costco here yesterday. Nev er thought I’d see that in So Cal again…

  3. It’s 1.77 here. Hard to believe huh??

  4. Happy Thanksging to you and your beautiful family!!
    I hope you have a wonderful day!!


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