Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | November 30, 2008

I promised! Part 2

Well, I’m just as tired tonight as I was last night, but I have more pictures to share, so I thought I’d take a couple minutes to post them.   This is not going to be in date order, because they are all starting to run together, but at least you’ll know what we’ve been doing.

A couple Saturdays ago (I meant to post this long before now) on our quest for time together as a family we ran a couple errands and stopped for lunch.  Wendy’s.   We haven’t really ever had any problems at Wendy’s before, so I am sure you can see where I’m going with this…Do you see a problem here?  Seriously.  This is a Wendy’s Double.


And this is what they advertise it looking like…


I know they never look like the pictures do, but come on…did you see that lettuce piece.  It was really no bigger than a quarter!!! – You bet they made all 3 of our hamburgers again!

We have been using the cheezy 3 leg tables, with the glass over them (you know the ones) for years, as end-tables.   They were and have been for a VERY long time, on their last leg-so to speak…and we’ve not been able to find anything to match our living room, that was sturdy, built well and in our price range, until the other night.

Here’s a picture of what we had:


And here’s a picture of what we NOW have:  YAY!!!!


I also took a picture last week of what the kitchen table looks like when I’m trying to organize my scrapbooking stuff, so I can get memoribillia and pictures together for my Thursday nights with JoJo.   This is a mild day, but there is about 2 days and about 5 stops of our vacation to Seattle, on that table.  I’m still not even 1/2 done with the ONE week trip.   *sigh*


More to come…
Man I have to quit waiting so long to blog!


  1. That’s why when you must get fast food, never… ever… actually look at what your eating! Especially a Carls Jr Sandwich they taste a billion times better than they look. But then again I kind of ‘inhale’ my food as mom puts it. OH OH! Belt Buckle and Ihave bowling this time! I’m still sucking!!


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