Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | December 2, 2008

Belt Buckle Settling In

BabyAm and Hubby decided to break him in this past weekend…
with their favorite past-time.   Resident Evil 4.


See that stocking (the camo one), second from the right.
It’s his. 

He’s one of the family now…
(I just am not sure why he doesn’t take his coat off, quick exit maybe?)


  1. The coat thing… just like that hat… I think its a comfort thing.

    And my sweet boy, he prefers his XBOX360 =) haha
    a true boy so I know we broke him in, but this isn’t quite his cup of tea… he plays Vegas and some other weird stuff anyways LOL
    I think its a killing people thing 😀

  2. Hahah….too cute!
    I was reading the top and looking at the picture & just got reeady to write-who are all the stockings for!?!? Then I read that one was his…and I wouldnt be surprised if 2 were for the twin toddlers. 😀

  3. lol at the quick exit! Love all of the stockings. 🙂

  4. Ok – we are way to alike – I have the peace stocking hangers on my mantle with stockings hanging from them. LOL

    Busy but well – will be in touch!



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