Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | December 2, 2008

Big Virus Bummer!

*updated at the bottom* 

So this morning, when loading my blog, my anti-virus kicked in.   Same virus over and over.   A little research by the Hubby and he found it’s a NEW virus that has to do with embedded video. 

He also found out that it creates a re-direct to a website that trys to get you to load Anti-virus 2009, which is actually the virus itself.  See his guest post for more info about the virus.

So, I hope that you got to see the cute puppies (they’re not such puppies anymore) before I had to delete the post, helping Daddy vacuum the kitchen floor…if not, you sadly missed out.  

And now that it’s deleted, the virus alert is not popping up anymore.   Imagine that.

*Updated to add:   Now I can NOT see anyone elses video, and when I go to their site with embedded video on the page, my trusty ole anti-virus kicks in.   Crap!  Anyone else having this issue?   For those of you who want to know what the virus is called it is:  Actns/Swif.T *

Hubby also found this guy having the same issue…we’ll keep researching it…and let you know!   Just don’t click on anything that wants you to install Anti-virus 2009 – PLEASE!  🙂



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