Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | December 2, 2008

False Positive Virus Info

*Updated to add Hubby’s most recent info:  This is a CA problem.   It is in virus signature patch 6239 which many likely pulled last night.  From what I can read and see, this is nothing but a false positive and a very cumbersome one at that.  CA is working on Patch 6240 which should be released very soon and that should clear up the issue

Here’s an answer that someone got from CA (Anti-virus Software Company)….

“Good afternoon. This email is in regards to issue xxxxxx for eTrust AV. I am aware that you are being infected with ACTNS/SWIF.T VIRUS.


Support and the Research team is aware of this “false positive” and is actively working on releasing public signatures to correct this.

In the meantime you can download the beta signatures that will correct the false positive.


Thank you,

CA Technical Support”


So I’ll be patient.


  1. Wow a False Positive
    Let us know!

  2. at least you aren’t pregnant. sorry, not funny


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