Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | December 2, 2008

The Birthday Boy!

Pictures, and a few words.


Life, Season One -Just what I wanted!


Awesome!  Are these for my office?


Don’t they look gorgeous!  
Limited editions, and custom framing is NOT cheap!
Thus only 2 presents this year!


Seahawks Shirt – From the Inlaws!  Wooo Hooooo!!!!


OLE!!!!!!!!!!  Feliz Cumpleanos Senior!
44 Looks Great on You!


  1. OH MY-you have a upside down tree!!!!!
    I knew I loved ya! ❤
    My Uncle has one and I think its so adorable!

    Happy Birthday to the man!!

    I was so happy to come here and see you posted-mwahhhh…welcome back kido! 😉

  2. When you sent me that pic of the tree, I kept turning the phone upside down to look at it. lol! Love it though. And again, Happy Birthday to your husband! 🙂


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