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Casino Christmas

One of Hubby’s clients has a nice Christmas Party each year.   All sorts of fun themes.  This year  (Sunday night) was a black and white theme.   One guy was even in a black robe with black and white jammies.   Funny!   We however dressed up.  (Sorry for the funky camera pics, I need to change some settings)


Not only do they feed us a very nice dinner, along with a nice sized bar,
(I had White Russians) but they have drawings for fun prizes, 
and awards for different things like highest sales, etc.  


Additionally for the past two years they have had a casino night intertwined.   Black Jack, Roulette, Craps and Texas Hold’em to name a few, dealers, chips and all!   In the years past I’ve never played, just watched. Until that night!   We each got $500 to start off with.  I carried mine around like I was “all that”!  Because I really wanted to be.


I started off by sittin next to JoJo and watching…trying to find the nerve.


Then I finally sat down and cautiously started playin $5 hands, then up to $25, who knew that really…I was becoming brave!  Here’s me and JoJo starting off our winning streaks!


I had several really good hands…I took pictures!  Just so I could blog them.   The dealer thought I was off my rocker.  Maybe I am!  LOL 




JoJo mentioned how she couldn’t wait to get a purple chip.   I didn’t know a purple chip was $500!!!  Fun!  

By the last few hands of the night I was playin 3 hands at $100 a pop.   I knew my night was coming to an end, but I was having a blast, just hangin with my friend, spending someone elses money and giggling with an 80 year old dealer.   What was a few hundred (fake) dollars compared to all that?   Really!

And here’s one other chip, I didn’t know they had…I had to trade the dealer some of my $25 chips for one of these….guess i had a good chunk of his much needed change…but seriously, isn’t it pretty?  It’s really almost a gold color!


On the very last deal….I had placed on one spot $510, one $500 and one $1000.   I lost one, pushed one and got a black jack on another.  I  think I walked away with the same amount I started with on that last deal.   Very cool!   JoJo however left the table with a few hundred dollars more than me.   But I’m not jealous, nah…(she just better watch out next year!)

Do I see bigtime gambling in my future?    Vegas maybe? 

I don’t think so…I am honestly a chicken.    But on the bright side, I did manage to win us a poker set!  So now I can get even better!  Maybe even learn Texas Hold’em (that’s where Hubby was most of the night…I won’t tell you about how he did…)  LOL.   We’ve got a Texas Hold’em game that we’ve never gotten out.   Guess it’s time for some extra practice!

And lastly here’s a picture of me and one of the bosses wives, just as the party was coming to a close.  She’s a sweetheart.



    oops so about that.
    Once again-love the upside down tree!!

  2. Looks like you had fun! They did the casino thing at HD’s work party last year and it was great-way better than just sitting around and watching everyone get smashed (open bar), and belligerent. I’ll let you know how it goes-it’s on Saturday!

  3. Like we told you that night! lol You looked so pretty!!!
    Yes, I do love the tree! How cool are you??
    When we go to hubby’s party’s they are like that too!
    They give away some pretty cool gifts. We didn’t get to go this year, as we had something to do with Cait and one of her programs. Oh well. We had fun none the less!


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