Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | December 17, 2008

Going TO A HOME for Christmas

I am sure some of you have thought of sending your (aging) parents to a “home”.   Well, I have for many years reassured my mom that I would let her live with me, instead of sending her to a home.   Yesterday I asked myself, “Steph, are you SURE you don’t want to send her to a “home”…I think it’s time”…

I went to my mom’s house, to check on her watch her dogs for a couple hours, so she could go hang out with people more exciting to work for a few hours.  

To my surprise a very scary wonderful aroma was coming from one of the rooms upstairs.   Yes, upstairs.   It smelled like…are you ready for this?  Dinner!   When you’re parents are aging and you smell dinner coming from upstairs, don’t you think you should go check it out?   Ya, that’s why I went up there, like any good daughter would do, I was deeply concerned.  She has been known to do some crazy things, so I needed to make sure she wasn’t trying to have a chili cookoff in her bathtub. 

Nope!  There was no chili in her bathtub, but there was however…THIS!


What in the world?  Yes my dear bloggy friends, that is a ROAST in a CROCKPOT, in the BATHROOM!   I can’t believe my eyes…and so I looked around to see if I was missing something, and sure enough, I was!


The condiments!   Right there next to the toothbrushes!   

You guys think I’m kidding, I know you do!   I however am definately not.   Now you know why I was asking myself if I was crazy for wanting to bring her to MY home, and not just place her in “A” Home.   Do I really want to wonder what crazy cooking crisis I might have if she comes home with me…I should leave that to the professionals, don’t you think?

So my friends, I have to ask for your opinion:   Now be fair, and choose your option before reading any further, because those are the rules it’s more fun that way!

Now that you’ve made your decision.  
I’ll let you in on a little teeny, tiny secret.  


She’s having her kitchen cupboards remodeled, so her entire kitchen is located in some other part of the house, and this was where she decided to cook dinner.   She’s gotta feed her and her hubby!  Right?

Feel free to say hello to my mom everyone!  She’s not too crazy….yet!


  1. If you mom is working she obviously has at least some of her wits about her. 😀

    Can’t wait for the ‘after’ pics!

  2. Your mom deserves a MEDAL!!!!! Most moms (including me) would probably be thinking about creative ways to convince Dad that eating out or doing “take-out”or sending out for pizza or Chinese would be the best answer to this situation. SHE IS COOKING!!!!!!!! However, showing her ability for resourcefulness and creativity in this way, she may be “shooting herself in the foot” for the next time she has a cold or something and doesn’t feel like cooking!! “If you could cook without a kitchen, you certainly can cook with a runny nose!!!)

  3. ahhhhh you set us UP! lol
    That was pretty fun! I agree, at least she is creative at problem solving!
    Go Mom!

  4. Hahah…you are mean…that was not nice to play tricks on us….although I did laugh.
    I picked “other” cause I just couldnt pick any of them choices-they werent nice.
    good to see your mom has a sense of humor!

  5. I know your Mom personally and I answered “Absolutely, rush her to the nearest one!” but that had nothing to do with her cooking in the bathroom! HAHA you know I love ya MOM!


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