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Good Helper!

*Long, but great ending* 

Wednesday afternoon Hubby had a client’s server crash, and crash hard.   It was about 3pm.   It happened while he was there, so instead of heading out to his next stop, he stayed.   

BabyAm and I took him some dinner, he was preparing for a late night.   CJ (Mom) came over and she used my oven to make sweet treats for Belly Dump (Dad) since their kitchen has been out of commission.    We visited and had a nice time hangin out.   When she left though, I did a few things around the house, BabyAm headed to bed and when midnight came, I really decided that I needed to go help Hubby…I was up, and he was still going to be quite awhile there.  

Now, I know perfectly well that I can’t do too much to help, but I can do little things like login/logoff , install printers, copy data, that kind of stuff.   I knew I could be a good helper.   I stopped on the way and got some snacks and some coffee for us.  He was happy to see a helper.  I think.   LOL

So, I was able to do all of the above listed stuff for him but I’m not sure how much time I really saved him.   Finally it was time to head into the server room (where all the phones, locks and computers are all hooked up—-wires everywhere).   I was looking around, checking things out, like I normally do but this time I had to find out where the beeping noise was coming from.  I’d heard it before, but never looked for it.   It was about 3am in the morning and constant beeping was NOT on my high priorities of sounds to hear.   LOL.

OMG – I found it! – “Honey!  I found it”


Ugly little box!  So I looked at the front screen…


It says “In Bypass Mode – Press Any Key” – so I asked Hubby if I could press “Any Key”…Wouldn’t you?  If it would make the beeping stop…right?  He told me SURE.  Thank heaven  that noise was driving me nuts!!!!!

So, I pushed “Any Key”, ok all of them…several times…andthe beeping stopped; the ugly box turned off!   That was easy!


He was right in the middle of installing a 2nd Network Card (that should have already been in the server but the idiot before him (who got fired) didn’t use two…probably why the crash) when he realized that HE was now running on battery, on the server! 

Uh Oh!

I’m such a good helper that I managed to turn the battery backup off  to the whole building, which included the door locking software (that Hubby hasn’t ever had to worry about to this point) and the phone system, not to mention the computer system.  NICE.  So, when I told him that the light was OFF NOW, on this Ugly Box, he started lookin for power…Serious Uh Oh!

Would you believe he was patient, calm and didn’t yell at me…when I KNEW HE WAS FREAKING OUT.  What a guy!   He unplugged and replugged in the Ugly Box, and POOF!  POWER again!!!! 


So my friends, be careful when trying to be a good helper…especially when you have no idea what you’re doing!  I felt terrible, but we were able to joke about it.  

Shortly after that (at 5am) he sent me home.   I think he’d had enough of my helpfulness.  LOL  I think he got home around 7:30am, with 2 of their computers that needed rebuilt and then took those back around 11:00…poor guy – by the time he got some sleep (only a couple hours) it had been almost 35 hours without sleep.

Last night, the Vice President of the company asked Hubby if he would mind taking a look at his laptop sometime this weekend, and was being very vague about what was wrong with it.   We stopped in there last night to check it out.  This is what he found…


18 Year Old Macallan Scotch
And a note of Thanks and Merry Christmas!  
It was made 2 years before BabyAm was born!!!  
Hubby loves good Scotch!!

I already knew…he he he…they called me to find out what kind to get! 

See, I really am a good helper!


  1. “Belly Dump”—–3 days before Christmas. OMG are you gonna get it. OR NOT

  2. Sooo sweet!!
    I like the happy ending!
    Im sure he loved your help.

  3. YES! I like the happy ending!
    You know, that is something I would do, trying to help hubby!!! lol

  4. Sorry it took so long for me to get here for this story. I’m so glad it all turned out well-scotch makes many things better, yes?

    Merry Christmas, Friend! Can’t wait to hear the stories of what’s been up!


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