Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | December 30, 2008

CB – The Beginning (Finale)

This day, was the end of the our visit with The Dark Knight.   Very sad day to be quite honest.  We all got used to him being here.   Maybe we’ll get to have him back again soon…even if only for another couple days.  

We took some family pictures, I can’t wait to scrapbook them!  I wish that Freckles could have been here with us so he could be in them, and we’d have our ENTIRE family in one room again…hopefully that will happen soon too.  Hubby and I seriously are considering trying to PhotoShop him into these.  Hey, it’s worth a shot!

Remember there is never a dull moment around here! 


We have one on board at least….with this next one.


They did it!  Yay!


Like Father, Like Son!  For sure!


I don’t believe this…TEXTING?  During Pictures???  HELLO!


Look alike much???  Um, YA! 
I think it’s the hair!


Aweee, can we keep him…PLEASE???


And finally…Us, minus Freckles…


See I think we could photoshop him (Freckles) in there, don’t you?

Off to the airport the handsome men went;
If you ask me, it was 3 1/2 days well spent!
Though many hard times have past with these two;
I pray this visit has made them anew!
A new family start we want to begin;
In hopes that with time, happiness will win!


  1. Oh yeah-woohooo LOVE the poem!!!

    And the pictures are gorgeous!!
    I def. think you can add one more in there!!

    Happy New Year my buddy ol pal!!

  2. Just got through all of the CB posts. I’m soooo glad you guys had such a great time with DK-and it looks like he had a good time being there, too!

    Happy New Year!


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