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CB – The Beginning (Part 2)

Hubby had to actually do a little work the morning of the 22nd, and he left early.   The kids were obviously still in bed, since they did NOT go to bed until MORNING.   The Dark Knight actually said that he heard his dad shower and leave at 6:30 am…then went back to sleep.   Oh my!

Anyway, I walked outside to see all the snow that had fell the night before to see this:


What a cool sight!   The neighbor ladies had gotten a new snow blower a few days before and they were excited to play with their new toy!   And I knew Hubby would be jacked that he wouldn’t have to do it!   Sweet huh?   They are really super people. 

Thankfully my Hubby had already picked up dinner the day before, so the rest of the day (after the kids got up) we just hung out and visited until it was time to start dinner.   We invited Belt Buckle over, so we had 3 teenagers (ok, 5 if you count us) and a 6.5 lb Seasoned Prime Rib!  Yum!   We didn’t know that teenage boys could “pack it away” like that!  Holy Cow!   Would you believe me if I told you that both boys each ate 3 Prime Rib steaks!?!  I wouldn’t have believed it either if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.   Wow, where did it all go?  Amazing!

Would you believe Santa came early, and in the evening too?  He must have known that The Dark Knight was leaving on Christmas Eve.  I might have given him a little indication though, shhh don’t tell.  


What a wonderful evening!  
Watching the kids open presents, smiling, laughing and kickin back was so neat.  


This was our first Christmas with The Dark Knight, since Hubby and I have been married in 9.5 years.   And this was his first visit to our home to boot!   (I might have forgotten to mention that before)  It was awesome! 

And after a little help from Big Brother…


the Terrible Two were ready to “Rock and Roll, all Night”….and they did!


I don’t have more pictures because I was too busy video taping them.  
I’ll have to get those posted, they’re too funny!


The Dark Knight got Guitar Hero Aerosmith (for the Wii), and BabyAm got Guitar Hero III (for the Wii) from Santa, if it’s not obvious enough!    What was he thinking anyway….remember those words, please.  I’m sure they’ll come up again. *sigh*

Boy, I’ve still got plenty more to say…
so, don’t go too far away! 

That rhyme was dedicated to Spoiled Mommy!
Even though it was dumb.  LOL


  1. Yeah-dedicated to Spoiled Mommy!! 😉
    Thats so cool, we STILL havent gotten the Guitar Hero yet but they have more than enough other things to play.
    Look slike loads of fun! 🙂

  2. Yeah buddy, rock out the guitar hero!! We have that going on as well! lol
    They look like they had so much fun, I’m so glad that Santa got a heads up about The Dark Knight!!

    About “Eagle Eye” WOW!!! Action packed and the kids say it has to come and live with us. Shia is really growing up in his movies. We have liked him since “Even Stevens”.. He is such a cutie! We were totally stoked when they filmed some of “Transformers 2” here in Tucson.. We are EXCITED about that movie too!
    One of my classmates (at the time) says she saw Bumble Bee!!! cool!

    Anyway, enough about that.. LOVE your Christmas posts!!! Way to go!!! You do us proud!


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