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CB – The Beginning (Part 3)

I’m not even close to done catching you all up, so if you’re bored already from Pre-Christmas Break, CB Part 1, or CB Part 2…come back and visit next week, cuz Christmas Break is all you’re getting for awhile.  🙂 

NOW,  for those of you who are wanting all the scoop on the Teenager Torment at the T’s Household….stick around!

The 23rd was our last full day with The Dark Knight.  I know, he just got here!  And now he’s gotta go back?   (Sad Steph-Mommy here)… The kids stayed up all night, once again and then got to sleep in again.   I’m glad they got the opportunity to SHARE stuff, and know the other person wouldn’t stab them in the back, or tell their secrets to anyone else, because they don’t live in the same place, and don’t have the same friends.  I think it was a mutual confidence. 

With all the snow, and slick roads we really didn’t spend too much time outside.   But here are a few pictures of the kids (can I still call them that?  And what about the bald one, is he still a kid too?) at various times of the day and night.






That’s one of my favorite pics!  Above!

That evening, BabyAm and I were invited over to My Uncle and (Auntie) G’s house, it was her “Happy Birthday”!!!!!  

Isn’t she beautiful?????


And she said she didn’t want us to bring anything, this I am sure, is why:


WONDERFUL Filipino Food!  She cooked all day!
On her birthday!

I can’t tell you the names of everything but I do know most.  Ready?

 Sticky Rice




Leche Flan


Pan Sit




And Filipino Spaghetti and Meatballs


These two are different pasta salads…not sure what they’re called tho.



We ate, and ate, and ate…then we got to bring some home…it was awesome!

One more post to go left of the Beginning of Christmas Break…
Can you handle it?   Or maybe, can “I” handle it?

I’m exhausted now,
so I might need some encouragement!


  1. WOw-busy busy!!
    I still have my Christmas Day post to write…which I was going to do today since I spent 3 hrs working on t he slideshow last night BUT I got a little sidetracked w/the nasty comment.
    You can do it-you can finish the updates!!
    I cant wait!!!!!

  2. I love your family!! We all need to hang out! :o)
    It looks like all had fun playing Guitar Hero! We do that too!!
    Yes, I, too, need to post Christmas Day photos.. We have been doing what everyone else has been doing… So YOU inspire me!!!
    Love ya
    You can do it!!!

  3. Oh my! I forgot to say something about that food!
    Limpia!!!! yummy!!!!!!
    Everything looked good, I was looking for my plate to load up!!!
    What a nice Aunt to cook on her b-day!

  4. Wow, no comment a bout me? im so hurt 😥 lol =] well about this teen tournament… Who is winning? cause u know i am a teen… and i have a big head (adult2xl) so u never know and about this helmet… yah…=]


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