Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | December 30, 2008

Christmas Break…the beginning!

A long long time ago (not really), in a land far far away (yeah, whatever), lived a handsome young prince who we will call “The Dark Knight” from this point forward.  He is a very tall 6’2″, has beautiful sparkling eyes, he is very kind hearted and has a charming smile.   Did I mention he has “pink” hair?   He is the oldest of the 3 teenagers in our blended family, and we have not had the pleasure of his company in many years, until now (the 21st through the 24th).

The weather was not cooperating with us, and dumped on us, a ton of snow!  We were expecting “The Dark Knight” to arrive on Sunday the 21st, however all the flights out of his hometown were either cancelled or delayed.  We were on pins and needles, praying he would make it here, that day…and SAFE!  Late was fine, but we really didn’t want to miss out on this visit.  (Nope that’s not a deer, it’s Bristol, our neighbors Doberman, he’s a sweetie!)


Hooray!  His flight finally got in the air…and within a little over an hour was safely claiming his luggage!  (We found out later that the flights after his were all cancelled because the airport ran out of de-icer.)  When he got in the house he scooped up BabyAm (his only sister) and gave her hugs!  She was surprised, and happy!


So there he is my friends, the OLDEST of the teenagers, “The Dark Night”.   Handsome isn’t he?  I told you!    And, to our surprise, 6’2″ looks a lot different (TALLER) in person!!!! OMG, he is taller than his Dad!  By a MILE! 

We were so excited to have him here!   We all went out to a nice dinner at The Texas Roadhouse, and spent some time visiting, all of us getting to know each other again and laughing a lot.   After dinner, BabyAm and I went to do a little grocery shopping and left the guys to themselves to have some alone time and get reaquainted.  They really needed that time together.

The teenagers stayed up until 5:30 am (I think that’s about right) visiting about everything from friends, to parents, to life and looking at pictures.   You’d think they hadn’t seen each other in almost 6 years!   They hadn’t!   And they picked up right where they left off!


The above last picture did NOT get added to this post without a TON of TEARS….I am so glad no one is home but me right now.  What a bawl-baby!   Cute though, huh?    (We miss you already “Dark Knight” come back soon!)


  1. Awwwww-thats so super sweet!!!!
    Im glad that you got that time.
    No wonder you were gone-you had every right to be!

  2. I share Spoiled Mommy’s sentiments! Awwwww
    How special!!! I’m so very glad that you did get that time together!
    He is very handsome!!! That dark knight is quite something!!!
    Baby Am looks so happy!!! tee hee


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