Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | December 30, 2008

Pre-Christmas Break!

In order to really catch you up, I have to go back to the 18th, that’s when I primarily quit writing (even though there are a few posts, they don’t contain much info.   So, after staying up so late with Hubby, being a Good-Helper I fell asleep in the chair and managed to get a little behind in starting my busy day.

I rushed to drop off the Boys to the Vet, for their shots and check-ups.  They love riding in the car (truck too, but the car seems to be more fun).


When we arrived and while I was filling out paperwork, they took Humphrey back first.   Then the assistant came running out to me telling me that he’d just had a seizure but that the Doctor was right there and going through it with him!  OMG!  He’s not had a seizure since April, when we put him on the Phenobarbitol!   (That post will catch my new friends up)  You guessed it, instant tears…Momma was not doing good.   He came out of it quickly she said and that he would be fine.   (I knew that, however it didn’t make me feel anybetter leaving my baby/babies after that trauma.) *sigh*

So with the nice slick roads and snow we were so blessed with, I left bawling to start my errands.


My first stop, I fell getting back into the car, hands and knees first.   (My knee’s still kind of ache).  I was honestly fine, but my pride was VERY hurt.   Who knows who saw me, and I was covered in white powder (snow).  NICE.

Off to drop off some stuff to CJ (my Mom) at work…there, I managed to loose my car keys.   After some frantic searching.  I finally found them.   In my back pocket no less!  What idiot puts their keys in their back pocket anyway!

What is with all the bad luck I was having?  Oh but WAIT!   There is more   Yep!  While I was headed home, I got another call from the Vet…would you believe that Humphrey had another Seizure while at the Vet’s office?    My heart (in addition to my previously mentioned pride) were both broken.  Poor little guy!   She decided to “up” his meds to 3x a day instead of only 2x.  

In the midst of all this, BabyAm sent me a message from school “This is our education at work”…NICE huh?  What is wrong with this picture?


Later that evening, after picking up the boys from the Vet and running Christmas Errands…I had lots of this to do:


I handled it well because I ate these: (Which everyone probably missed out on, Hubby got them for me at the Chevron Gas Station-LOL) – They are the BOMB!


And Blackberry Instant Messaged Leslie @ Got Kids Need Valium for awhile.  Sending her funky pictures like this:


And this:


This year everyone got a Rubic’s Cube, last year I think they were Easy Buttons.  My Uncle started this Weird Gift thing one year by wrapping up old 8 track tapes (because he didn’t know what to do with them, so he gave them as gifts) so of course when I get the chance and find something odd…I have to follow suit!  

Don’t go far, there are several more posts and lots of pictures coming!


  1. Awwww-so sorry about the doggie!!
    Geez, must be in the air for doggie problems.
    How cute they look all in the car in their jackets-hahaha!
    And man, we have the same rotten luck!! 😉

  2. OH NO!!! What a heart breaking tear letting thing.. I would be crying too!!! Poor Dog Babies.
    Taylor likes to go riding too! lol
    I can’t believe the day you had! WOW


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