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BabyAm’s Christmas Eve Surprise!

On Christmas Eve, Hubby and I wanted to treat BabyAm, Belt Buckle and his parents to one of our favorite dinner places.   Somewhere that they (Belt Buckle and his parents) had never been before, and something that we thought they would enjoy.  The Melting Pot (Fondue)

Because there are so many cute pictures of BabyAm and Belt Buckle, I’m going to be randomly dropping them into this post.   Because I can, cuz I’m the Mom and this is my blog!  

We had made reservations several days in advance, chosen our courses already (so everything was taken care of when we arrived), and “helped out” with a little dessert excitement.

Belt Buckle was the only one who was a little concerned.   I think he was concerned there wouldn’t be enough food at first, and that he wouldn’t get full.   Surprisingly even though he said he didn’t like onions, he ate the cheese fondue that had the scallions in it more often than the one that didn’t.   We dipped fresh veggies, 3 kinds of breads and apples in the cheese.  And he loved it. 


Then came “funky salads” and they didn’t have Thousand Island dressing.  (Too funny!)   He was sure he was not going to like this strange salad that was put in front of him, but it was gone, lighting fast!  His mom whispered to me that he wouldn’t  have eaten it if he didn’t like it. 


Empty salad plates aside, next was the main course.  Lobster tails, shrimp, salmon, pork tenderloin, filet mignon, chicken and spinach ravioli.  In addition to plates full of more veggies.   Just like the cheese, everyone picked a favorite (of the two boiling broth bowls, and enjoyed every single bite.   Belt Buckle did a great job of stealing everyone’s salmon, and then when everyone else couldn’t eat another bite…he managed to make sure there was nothing left uneaten.  *UPDATED TO ADD:  I forgot to mention that he repeatedly said, “I’m so full…I’m so full…”  Cute huh, for him to be so concerned, and realize OMG, there is so much food!


Finally our beautiful dessert plates arrived along with two different kinds of chocolate fondue.  My favorite part!  This time, I have to say BabyAm and Belt Buckle’s dessert plate had a little something special with it.



Here’s a few photos that followed the arrival of the desert plates, they speak for themselves!  And the only thing I can say, is that it was the sweetest thing I have seen in a very long time.   It was a perfect ending to a wonderful evening with friends and family!






AMAZING isn’t it?  Wow does it sparkle!
(Good thing she got her nails done earlier in the morning!) 

So, if you have never had fondue,
you are missing out on a little bit of heaven!
(Even without the surprise at the end)

After dinner, we headed back here to exchange gifts. BabyAm bought Belt Buckle a Leatherman, and had his name and 2008 engraved on the blade, made him his very own fleece blanket, made him home-made chocolate chip cookies and pajama pants.  We got him a new hard-shell CD case for his truck (among a few other miscellaneous things) and had some pictures made of BabyAm that he picked out, and framed for him.   His parents bought her a beautiful necklace and sweater vest.   If you’d like to see all the pictures from the evening, please click here!

I still had to give Santa directions to the house, explain to him how to get down our skinny gas stove pipe, and bake cookies (just kidding) to leave for him.  Actually I left him a few of BabyAm’s homemade ones, I didn’t have it in me.


I think my morning finally WRAPPED UP around 3:30 am.   I was sure hoping to sleep in, however with family coming over at noon the next day, I knew it would just be a short nap.   And I couldn’t wait to see what Santa brought, so I dropped into bed and was asleep before ever hitting the pillow.


  1. Holy COW!! Congrats to Baby Am! What a whirlwind in 2008!

  2. WOW!!!
    Beautiful!! And the ring is gorgeous too! 😉
    Awww-that is just so super sweet!!
    Looks and sounds like it was all perfect!

    Today is the DAY!!!!
    Girl you better send pictures of the HAIR!!!

  3. I love the Melting Pot. (I’ll have to post my story about it sometime!)

    Hey, does the ring have a meaning? My girl got one, too.


  4. The pictures are absolutely beautiful. I’m so happy for her. Congrats Amber!!! 😉


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