Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | January 5, 2009

Christmas Break – The Second Half

Saturday morning, bright and early, Hubby headed out the door to go pick up Freckles (half way).   He took along two helpers to keep him awake, and for company on the slow snowy drive just over 100 miles North into the mountains.   He took BabyAm and Belt Buckle.   They slept almost the whole way there…big help huh?

On the way he stopped to take a break from all the wonderful drivers idiots that were also taking the drive on the slick and barely visable canyon roads.  These pictures were a few taken of  his early morning view in Smith’s Ferry (about 50 miles from town).




Whew!  They safely made it to get Freckles…
He looks sleepy huh?  And I’m thinkin he needs a little haircut?



The weather still hasn’t lightened up by the time they’re 1/2 way home.
But the view is so beautiful.


And even though Freckles and Belt Buckle had only JUST met…
They knew EXACTLY who their Target was to be!



Or maybe she fell.  I can’t be too sure, you know how boys are!
Whatever the case, she really got in touch with her inner Snow Bunny.

Then when Hubby finally got home, and after a much needed rest,
He had this to deal with…


You’ve gotta be kidding me!?


Glad I’m not the only one out here!


Can you believe this crap?


Ok, better get back to work before my wife see’s me slacking off!


  1. Didn’t you have time to get out there and get that driveway shoveled?!! What were you doing?! 😉

  2. Holy cow. I seriously do not have words for that. Um, cold. Brrr? No way. I just wouldn’t even know how to function in those temps.

  3. wow-very beautiful!!
    why is he shoveling the sidewalk, who the heck walks on the sidewalk in that weather?! lol
    i will stay inside toasty & warm, thankyouverymuch! 😉


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