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CB – 2nd Half (Part 2)

I forgot to mention in my previous post, a few things that happened.  The first one was that while Hubby (BabyAm and Belt Buckle too) were gone to pick up Freckles, that I was making a special quick trip to the Vet.   Not for Humphrey Bogart this time though, it was for Tommy Lee.    He’d been throwing up (among other things), and had a really red and hot ear which concerned me.  

I tried taking him in the truck with me alone, but he would have NO part of that.   His brother had to come or he was going to pop a vein.  So I piled them both in (upset mind you cuz my baby was sick) and off we headed through the pathetic un-plowed snowy roads.   When we got to the Vet, my parents met me there to help out with Humphrey, sadly they braved those roads for nothing, across town…because I had to leave him there.   OMG, I hate leaving my babies there.  I like the vets, but hate leaving the boys anywhere.

The second thing I failed to mention was that when the family got home from their snowy drive, something I totally did not expect happened to me.  A big bear hug from Freckles!  That was the best way to start his visit!  I wish someone could have captured that in a picture.  (Don’t tell anyone, but I did get quite a few more than normal durning this visit…even if he was trying to make Tommy bark at him, I’ll take anything I can get!)

After picking up Tommy from the Vet ($200 later, with Medicine in tow and x-rays that found nothing abnormal), we decided it was time to open presents.   It was so much fun the first four times that we wanted to do it again!  🙂  


That is a face of a young man (My Tea Drinkin Buddy) who doesn’t know what he’s holding.  It’s a tea bag squeezer.  The fancy schmancy tea bags we like, don’t have the string on them so this little gaget makes it much easier to remove the tea bags from your tea mug!   He also got a box of that fancy special tea, a package of individually wrapped Walkers Shortbread Fingers to dip in it, and his very own Bone China Tea Mugs (Dad found those, with some help from Mrs. Potts, and he totally scored!)  He’s set until spring I think.  I also sent him home with a couple bottles of Tejava that he didn’t know he had until he got home and was unpacking! 

We already knew what Freckles big present was from his parents in the mountains, so we added to his madness down here.  He got a Wii (well, like us, his family did)!


Yes, that is yet ANOTHER Guitar Hero…only this one is World Tour, with a Guitar.   We must have been drinking heavily when we decided that ALL the kids needed to be part of this CRAZE.    For those of you who don’t know, the World Tour is simillar to Rock Band (but only for the Wii).   You can add another guitar, drums, and a microphone.   Yeah, that’s a scary thought, huh?

Now, the face you’re about to see…I’m not quite sure what it’s all about but because this family is really facially challenged, I thought I’d add it in here just for fun. 


Just as Freckles is opening this box,
he was saying quietly, but out loud  “Sweet!”


Just what he wanted!  His favorite color, and with SKULLS on it! 
A 4×4 helmet!  His was too small, and this one fit JUST RIGHT!


Little did he know that this helmet would be our favorite way to tease him the entire time he was here.  Please don’t think we picked on him just to pick on him…he deserves every bit of it…cuz he get’s all of us too!  


Facially challenged, I wasn’t kidding!

Sunday proved to be another day of rest UNTIL just before dinner time.  Freckles and Dad decided they had a mission to attend to.  BabyAm (the Boston Boys) and I joined in the fun.   Mind you, this is the first weekend after Christmas, so everyone and like us (their dogs) were out shopping, exchanging and spending!   What a zoo!

This mission, entailed places like Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Fred Meyer, but none of those places had what they were looking for and finally we ended up at…Game Crazy, where the box was put into our truck.  Any guesses as to what the mission was for?   


Yep – the whole kit and caboodle, Rock Band-The Complete Set. 
Dear Lord, please help us all!  Just kidding! 

So with some of the cash, gift cards and a little help from Dad, Freckles decided this is what he wanted to buy!   I have to admit, it is pretty cool!   I even…shhh…attempted to play the guitar but managed to get Boo’d off the stage.   I didn’t do too well.   I tried though.  Thank goodness the only picture BabyAm got was a TERRIBLE camera phone picture that you could barely make me out in.   Wooo Hooo! 

 Here’s a picture of the kids  (LOL) playing World Tour that night!


We finished up the evening by adding friends and family to our new Facebook accounts, and chatting with our Sorority Sister (she’s actually our neice, and the kids’ cousin but she needed a nick name!)   Hubby got out the camera, set it on the timer and got a picture of us for her.  NICE isn’t it?  


Can you say losers?  We won’t be offended!

And YES, those are Guitar Hero fleece pants the guys are wearing!  
BabyAm got Playboy Bunny (they didn’t have snow bunny),
Belt Buckle (not pictured) got Camo,
and I got Pillsbury Dough Boy (Girl!)

Thanks CJ and Belly Dump!  (Grammy & Papa)


  1. *Edited to Change Freckles Mom’s name to Mountain Mom*

    OK………….maybe we didn’t need to have a Snow Day the first day Freckles is suppose to be to school………and maybe we don’t need to have so many teenage boys in my living room with guitars and drum sets in their hands………glad today everything is back to normal. Thanks for sending the tea and shortbread for him, we’re getting ready to have “a spot” right now! (but do we have to be referred to as “the mountain parents?!? :))

  2. Ha HA! Nothing like sending your son home to his mom with….. a DRUMSET!! Merry Christmas Mountain Mom! 😉

  3. hahah-love the last picture of you all at the table w/your laptops…toooooo funny!!!!!
    look slike you had way too much fun-stop it now! 😉


    Get Hubby and Am too addicted to Guitar Hero and that house really will turn into a Crazy Train!

    Invite Ozzy!


    Glad you all had fun


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