Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | February 2, 2009

Kidding? I think NOT!

I should have saved this picture for Wordless Wednesday, but just couldn’t wait.  I knew I needed to blog, and this is something perfect to blog about.  

The other day, I was so excited when Hubby went out to get the mail, and I saw him carring a package…Doesn’t everyone absolutely love getting packages in the mail?  …yea well, not this kind…


Our cell phone bill came in a BOX!  What a scary sight!

We have a business cell phone account.   Our business consists of my Hubby really (and myself).  However we have 3 teenagers also with phones and maybe a 4th to be added sometime soon as well.   Crazy?…Oh yes!

Now, just to give you some background, we have a 3000 minute a month plan (that we all share) with rollover minutes that we never use up, and 3 Blackberry data plans.  We have an Enterprise edition of our data plan so that our Outlook folders can sync with our blackberries as well.  And thankfully…unlimited texting.  (each text shows up on the bill—time, date and number…it itemizes them)

Let me give you a little breakdown…

I used approximately 700 texts.
Hubby approximately 800 texts.
Freckles approximately 2500 texts. 
…and BabyAm…almost 5900 texts!
the 3rd teenagers phone had not yet been added…

Please know that this was mostly during CHRISTMAS (sorry, previously said spring) break…but WOW!  

Hubby reminded me that our cell phone bill will, from now on, be coming in a box.   I just hope the box doesn’t get any bigger.   Sadly, I am not kidding…but we have had some discussions about this BOX.  Some serious ones.



  1. I think I would have had a heart attack!

  2. Wow! That would leave me wordless! Good luck with that! 🙂

  3. rofl….. a box??? oh my gosh. I would have passed out. But I guess as long as the amount isn’t as large as the box. I guess thats good. 😉

  4. LMAO!!
    I would have DIED!
    I cant imagine getting a box for a bill.
    Better you than me!
    Wanna add me to your plan too? 😉

  5. Lol oops… And steph dont u mean christmas break not spring break? and will that be the dark knight added on to the plan lol?

  6. Holy COW!!! I was holding my breath until I got to the end of your post! Glad the bill isn’t in direct proportion to the size of the box…. whew

  7. LOL things to look forward to, Huh Steph!?


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