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I just can’t tell you how excited I am to go on my “Road Trip” with my BFF!  
This is what we will look like…dang, I should have rented the convertible!!!
We are going to look soooo HOT  stupid in that Dodge Caravan!!!


I am slowly getting stuff together, but all the important arrangements have been made.  

The flight reservations, check.  
The car rental, LOL – check. 
The hotel in Columbia, check. 
The hotel in Atlanta, check.

We still need to get tickets to the Georgia Aquarium.  But we want to combine it with something else, like the World of Coca-Cola, or the Atlanta Zoo, we just haven’t decided which other “thing” we want to try and do.  I think we might be able to stop on our way to Columbia in Social Circle , GA and eat SUPPER (lol) at the Blue Williow Inn.  So I need to make dinner reservations for there too I think.

I’ve been looking at all the little towns on the way from Atlanta to Columbia trying to find little fun quick things to do.  Markets, plantations, a Monestary…etc.   I even found a swamp!  Blue Heron, otters and alligators – OH MY!

I found a couple places to eat near our hotel in Atlanta.  This one has the most hysterical verbage on their site!  (But please don’t click that link if you’re offended by foul language.  It cuts right to the chase.)

While we are in Columbia, we hopefully get to keep GI Jane for the rest of the day after her graduation (not sure if I mentioned that before), and so we’ll probably go to a nice dinner…poor girl’s been eatin’ military food for quite some time…we are soooo excited to see her, she’s only 19 and she’s a tough little bugger.  Pretty too.  She asked her mom to pack her a suitcase with stuff from home, make up…hair stuff…favorite jeans, etc.  Guess she gets to take it with her to Advanced Training!  She is so happy she get’s to look like a FEMALE again!  It’s the little things, really that we sometimes take for granted.

Pointers from anyone in heading to the South?  🙂


  1. OMG!!! I used to live in Columbia!!!

    Let me get my thoughts together and I’ll email you. Or call me tomorrow after noon my time.


  2. Yeah-have a great time so that you move closer! lol
    Sounds like so much fun.

  3. So I’m the BFF going on this crazy trip w/ little Mrs. Steph and I am also SOOOOOO FRICKEN excited for one to see my “little GI Jane” woohoo and 2nd to spend some quality time w/ my BFF. Never been on a vacation w/ just “the girls” so this will be so much fun!!!! Although you all may know this but Steph can be a little neurotic about things and I have dubbed her “my personal travel agent” she is hysterically funny about planning this trip well hell it only took her 3 weeks to decide on what kind of rental car and for that we are going to be sportin the old “CARAVAN” OMG…………..LOL!!! I’m ready to go right now sista!!! What a little trooper going cross country with me to witness my “baby girl” graduate boot-camp!!! Steph YOU ROCK!!!!!! Love ya girl!!!

  4. I hope you have the time of your life! What a great thing it is to get away for a bit!


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